The Technology Behind Amazon Slots

The Technology Behind Amazon Slots

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Published date · April 22, 2021 | Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 | Read Time: 2 mins

Each slot game and online casino has its own technology to power its games. Amazon Slots have partnered with a number of leading software companies to ensure its players get the best possible online casino experience. 

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The Basics of Amazon Slots

The majority of the slots on site are three or five reels, however, some Megaways games can go up to six or seven reels. No matter how many reels are within a slot game, they are always powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is to ensure that each spin is as fair as possible with a random outcome always happening. The RNG calculates how likely it is that each symbol will appear after a spin and then allow the symbols to appear on the screen. Amazon Slots cannot tamper with the RNG so players know that they are always getting a fair game each time on this site.

Return To Player Percentage

The RNG is powered to calculate a return to player percentage (RTP%). The RTP% is how much money gets returned to players per £1 staked. For instance, if the RTP% is standing at 89%, the slot game will pay out 89p back to players per £1 that gets wagered. This does not mean that players are guaranteed to win 89p on every spin though. You will probably not win on multiple spins as this helps to pave the way for someone to win big. Amazon Slots have a ‘Biggest Winners’ section on their website which lists big wins from players – often up to £200,000. For players to win big, other players will naturally have to lose sometimes – that’s just the way that RTP% and casinos work.



Volatility is the term used to describe how big and often the payouts can be. This term is not just for Amazon Slots, it is for all slot games across every online casino. High volatility is where players are more likely to win big amounts of money but not very frequently. Low volatility is where players will win smaller amounts of money but more often. It is up to the individual player whether they prefer to play on high volatility or low volatility slots. Amazon Slots has games with both high and low volatility, so you can try playing games with both sides to volatility on this site.