Craziest Casino Wins Recorded On Video

Craziest Casino Wins Recorded On Video

Published Date · May 30, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Thousands of online and land-based casinos feature variations of different casino games and entice people with endless opportunities to win big payouts. These games may include slot games, table games, lotteries, scratch cards, and different types of betting. While some people play recreationally, some simply use it as an opportunity to win money, and some play full time. We’ve all dreamt of winning big at a casino and running off into the sunset with our millions. For some lucky people, this dream turned out to be a reality. There is no shortage of massive betting wins throughout history, from hardcore bettors to opportunists. Some of these wins were captured on video and immortalised on the internet, inspiring people to give casino games a shot and potentially share the fortune of these lucky people. In this article, we discuss the wins that the camera was able to capture at just the right time.

Dana White – The Blackjack King

A popular video shows Dana White – known as the blackjack king – going around a casino in Las Vegas. He tells the camera how he has maintained a winning streak in blackjack for over six months and won millions at a time with his exceptional skills. The video forwards to one fantastic night when he bags about $7 million from the Palm casino. However, the very next day, a Palm casino executive contacts him and informs him that he has been banned from playing at the said casino. This proves to be a poor decision on the casino’s part. White, the president of UFC, a world-famous fighting championship, in turn, bans the UFC fights from taking place in the Palm casino. Later in the video, he reveals that he has been banned from 4 casinos so far! 

The Brazillian Man Who Won Millions

Another video shows a Brazilian man at a roulette table surrounded by a big crowd. The man wagers about a 100k on one number and calmly stands over the table and sips his wine while waiting for the results. The roulette wheel continues to spin while the audience stands by in anticipation. Finally, the wheel stops, and the man ends up winning $3.5 Million. This causes an uproar in the crowd, whereas we can see the man celebrating happily with his friends, who appear to be just as excited as him.

Englishman Wagers His Life Savings

In a Youtube classic, we see Ashley Revell, an Englishman who decides to bet his entire life savings of $136k on an in-person roulette game. Before the game begins, the dealer informs him about the rules as the crowd, including his wife, looks on. The dealer spins the roulette wheel, and Ashley decides to place his bet on red. He waits in anticipation for the results knowing that this spin can potentially bankrupt him. The ball continues to spin around in the wheel before ultimately landing in a red pocket. Ashley wins the game and celebrates while embracing his wife and receiving congratulations from the people surrounding him. He happily returns to England with about $272k and invests the money in his very own poker site.

The $45000 Twitch Slot Session

In this video, we see Xposed, an online streamer on Twitch, trying out his luck in Ankh of Anubis, a 5-reel online slot game by Play’n Go that has a 96.2% return to player (RTP). We see the streamer go through several spins throughout the game while simultaneously discussing the slot machine with his Twitch audience. He manages to win smaller bonuses in the beginning, but as he continues to play, the bonuses grow bigger in amount. Finally, he enters the bonus game feature where he receives multiple free spins and ultimately manages to hit the maximum multiplier that the game offers, winning a total of about $45000. He shows an enthusiastic reaction to his win by jumping around hysterically, shouting in pure joy, and phoning a friend to share the big news.

The Unbelievable Buffalo Gold Slot Machine Win

This video begins with a man narrating how his wife was able to hit a big jackpot on one of the most famous video slots, Buffalo Gold, a five-reel video slot machine featuring four rows and a 96% return to player. He describes their surprise at winning such a big payout and how unbelievably happy they are with this outcome. The video features the screen of the Buffalo Gold slot machine at a land-based casino. The game starts off with a bet of $12 and 8 spins. As the woman continues to play, she receives multiple free spins, which prolongs the game by quite a lot. This allows her to trigger several multipliers throughout the game, which increases the payout amount steadily. By the end of the game, she wins a generous payout of over $14k and captures fourteen out of fifteen gold buffalo heads.

Massive Payouts Caught On Camera

The wins mentioned above are just a few of the many instances where a bettor’s dreams turned into reality. The only difference between these and the other wins is that these payouts were caught on film and will forever serve as a means to motivate players, new and old. Although gambling is a sport of luck, experience and skill also play an integral role in shaping the outcomes of a play. But it is also important to remember that all forms of gambling are inherently risky, and every time we choose to gamble, there is always a strong possibility of losing. So we should always gamble responsibly and stick to our bankrolls. Moreover, we should treat gambling as a form of entertainment and never as a profession.


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