PayPal at Online Casinos

PayPal at Online Casinos

Published Date · April 1, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Online casinos have revolutionised the way in which we wager money online. Prior to the emergence of online gambling, it was unheard of for casinos to accept any payment method other than cash. However, there are now a variety of different ways to be able to spend your money online. This can be anything from a debit card purchase to a cryptocurrency transaction. One of the most secure and safe ways to deposit money into an online casino account is through PayPal. Since being founded in 1998, PayPal have become one of the leading online money service providers.

This is because there are a number of different variables that you need to keep in mind when looking at potential payouts of a particular game; each has an impact on how often you will get a payout and how much that’ll be. 

All that being said, what are these variables that can affect the potential payout from a casino?

Benefits of Using PayPal

The deposits to online casinos are very fast when using PayPal which in turn aids the sign up and deposit process. Furthermore, players can enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly type in your password or fingerprint and know your money will be set almost instantly. In addition to this PayPal also offers some of the quickest payout times online. This means you will be less likely to be waiting around for your funds when you win as the time to take a withdrawal is fast and efficient. PayPal also has a great reputation of being a secure third party site to transfer money with. It is reassuring to know that you are using a secure third party site when making deposits as that will prevent you from any suspect transactions. If the site doesn’t seem secure then PayPal can block the transaction and prevent you from being out of pocket. This also works in the sense that they protect your details being handed over to any websites which may try and be phishing. Usually, if a casino offers PayPal as a method of payment then they will be more likely to be a site which you can trust.

How To Deposit With PayPal

Depositing with PayPal is incredibly easy. You must make sure that you have a ready made and setup account with both PayPal and a casino which accepts their payment method. Once you have both of these you will just look to the deposit section of the casino’s website and select PayPal. Due to how secure PayPal is, you should get redirected to PayPal’s loading page before the payment is processed. This loading screen will only be on screen for a few seconds so is not very time consuming. 


PayPal Credit

Another great benefit of making online purchases with PayPal is that you can use PayPal Credit to make this purchase. This essentially works like a credit card. You make the purchase then have the option to add it to your credit which will add up and then need to be paid off at some point (usually with interest). As part of the UKGC’s Gambling Act 2005, credit cards are not a method of purchase that are allowed for gambling transactions. PayPal Credit does come under this blockage too, so you will be unable to use it to deposit at any casino. The reason for this is to help keep as many people as possible gambling responsibly. These blocks help to stop anyone spending more money than they can afford to lose. If you see any casino specifically offering credit cards or PayPal Credit as a method of payment then there is a high chance that it is an illegitimate site.

Which Casinos Offer PayPal?

The majority of online casinos do offer PayPal as a payment method but it is worth noting that not every site does offer this. It does not mean that anything is necessarily wrong with a site if they do not have PayPal as a transaction option, so there is nothing to immediately worry about when checking the security of the site. 

We have selected some of the best online casinos that have PayPal as a deposit option, so why not sign up and start playing?



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