What To Buy a Gambling Fan For Christmas?

What To Buy a Gambling Fan For Christmas?

Published Date · Dec. 4, 2020 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

It can often be quite tricky trying to think of a gift to buy for your partner, brother, sister, parent or friend for Christmas. The year of 2020 has been wretched for most people so Christmas presents is the last chance many people will have of putting some joy into this year. The list of ideas are almost endless but there are some gifts which may sparkle brighter than others. If you know anyone who loves to play at a casino, then this list of gifts may give you some good ideas of a present that they will enjoy. There is something here to cater for all budgets, so why not take a look and spoil a loved one this Christmas?

A Slot Machine

Buying someone their very own slot machine will certainly offer some entertainment. Slot lovers know that there are many different types of slots available to play online, but having a machine in the house would take it that one step further.

This present will be perfect to put in the spare room in the house. Of course the only money you could win from this would be your own, however it will look fantastic in the house. A unique decoration that is sure to spark a talking point with guests. How cool would it be to wow your friends by playing on a real slot machine in your own house?


Personalised Chips or Cards

With brick casinos and pubs in the UK still not set to return to normal opening hours, poker tournaments with mates are going to increase in popularity. Private poker parties are good fun and what better way to enjoy them than with some custom poker chips? This gift is affordable and crazy fun too. You can personalise them with a funny picture, some meaningful words or any other way you can imagine. Custom chips will create sentimental meaning too, which is always welcome within loved family members. Plus, as an added bonus, you will be able to get to use the chips too (presuming you get invited to the poker tournament).

Similarly to the poker chips, this is a great present for anyone who wants to play private events which involve playing cards. These cards can have meaning to the players who are at the table. A good idea would be to personalise them with inside jokes which can help make a game more entertaining. It will be a lot tougher for someone to bluff if they are trying not to laugh at a joke on the card!



This may not sound too flashy but a mug is a safe bet when deciding what presents to get someone in your family. In fact, if you do not want to spend excessive amounts of money on a gift then this could be just perfect. All you have to do is find a mug which has some theming relating to one of their favourite casino games. A simple gift like this may not be too imaginative but it is also a safe buy. It is almost guaranteed to be used which in many ways is better than a more expensive present that will spend years gathering dust. A roulette wheel looks great on a mug, the round shape adds to the aesthetics.


A Trip to Las Vegas

This is by far the most expensive present on the list, but if you want to go all out then there is nothing better than a visit to the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas, Nevada.  It will not come cheap but a holiday to beautiful Las Vegas is on every gambler’s bucket list. It may be harder than usual to go in these testing times, but if you can sort a voucher or the equivalent out – it will be worth the wait. As well as the casinos and atmosphere, the weather is usually incredible and there are plenty of bars to enjoy a drink at. It is a must for every gambling fan!  In a city filled with diversions and excursions that can keep you up all hours of the day and night for weeks on end, the first question you need to answer is … where am I staying? Find the Las Vegas hotel, casino or resort that matches you − and your ambitions to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.




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