12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot
Published Date · July 13, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 19, 2024
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12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Review

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Overview

Introducing 12 Coins, an exciting Hold the Jackpot slot created by Wazdan! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure across 4x3 reels, where a single "win way" can lead you to the incredible Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game. Along the way, you'll come across fantastic features such as Cash Infinity symbols, cash coin symbols, jackpot symbols, mystery symbols, and mystery jackpot symbols. The real excitement begins when you manage to fill the grid, unlocking the 750x win potential!

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Details











750 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

4 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Re-Spins

12 Coins is like a more enhanced version of Wazdan's previous game, 9 Coins. And guess what? They have an exciting Grand Platinum version of that classic release coming soon! In the base game, the real excitement comes from triggering the bonus round. You see, you can't win any prizes until the feature kicks in. So, keep your eyes on activating that bonus round because that's where the real fun and winning potential lie!


Adjustable Volatility

Above Average RTP

Regular Bonus Feature Activations


Low Max Win

No Base Game Wins

How To Play 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot

12 coins base
Base game
12 coins winning combination
Winning combination
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)
£10 000

12 Coins Basic Rules

  • The grid size is 4x3
  • Winning combinations only occur on the middle reel
  • No money can be won in the base game. The sole purpose is to win entry into the bonus round and this is done by getting four bonus symbols on the middle line

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols you'll find in 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot:

Regular Cash Symbols

In the game, you have the chance to land regular cash symbols that give you prizes. These prizes can range from 1x to 5x the amount of your original bet.

Collector Symbols

In the game, there is a special symbol called the Collector symbol. When you land this symbol, it collects the value from both the regular Cash symbols and the Cash Infinity symbols you've accumulated.

Mystery Symbols

During the game, you might come across a special Mystery Symbol. When you land this symbol, it will transform into any other type of bonus symbol randomly as the feature comes to an end. However, please note that it cannot transform into the Cash Infinity symbol.

Jackpot Mystery Symbols

There is also a Jackpot Mystery symbol. When this symbol appears, it will turn into one of the three jackpots mentioned earlier as the feature concludes. At the end of the game, all your winnings will be added up.

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Features

Cash Infinity Symbols

While playing the base game, you might come across special symbols called Cash Infinity symbols. These symbols will stay on the reels until the next bonus round ends. Each Cash Infinity symbol has a value ranging from 5x to 10x your initial bet. If you land these symbols on the middle row, your chances of triggering the bonus round will be even higher.

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Bonus Features

12 coins hold the jackpot bonus unlocked
Bonus unlocked
12 coins hold the jackpot bonus
Hold the Jackpot Bonus

Once the Bonus round is triggered by four bonus symbols on the middle row. The following symbols will be in play:

Sticky Bonus Symbols

During the bonus round, all the symbols that triggered the bonus will stay in place, even if the rest of the grid is cleared. The bonus round grid has 12 positions, just like the base game. At the start, you'll have three re-spins.

Each time a new bonus symbol lands, it also becomes sticky and the re-spin count resets back to three. This process continues until either you fill the entire grid with bonus symbols or you use up all your re-spins.

Grand Jackpot

If you manage to fill the entire screen with bonus symbols, something amazing happens! You will win the incredible 750x Grand Jackpot.

Our Verdict: We were very impressed with the bonus features and found that they triggered quite often which eased the pain of not being able to win anything in the base game. Each bonus game is different due to the various modifiers in play and we never found ourselves bored.

Play 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Demo for Free

Fancy playing for free first before you commit to betting with real money at an online casino? Look no further than the 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot demo! Treat online slot demos like your showcase of special features, offering a unique gaming experience not found in real money gaming. Slot demos give you the chance to learn the slot's rules and mechanics in a risk-free environment, giving yourself the best possible chance of making money when the time comes.

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

12 Coins is an exciting game that comes with a fantastic Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.13%. This means that, on average, players have a great chance of winning while enjoying the game. However, what sets this money-themed slot apart and adds to the thrill is the variance.

Namely, you get to choose your preferred level of volatility. This decision will determine whether you will get frequent wins of smaller amounts or less frequent wins of larger amounts.

Our Verdict: We felt the RTP of 96.13% was fair as it is slightly higher than most slot games, considering the average slot RTP tends to be between 95% and 96%. We also liked the fact that we could control the volatility and kept adjusting it every 10 or so spins.

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Graphics & Audio


The graphics are designed to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience. The visuals are typically vibrant and visually appealing, with attention to detail in the symbols, backgrounds, and animations.

12 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 1
Symbols land on middle reel
12 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 2
Base game spins
12 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 4
Bonus winnings


You can expect to hear the satisfying clinks of coins and cheerful tunes playing in the background, plus some additional sound effects when you hit a winning combination. The sound settings are found at the bottom left of the screen by clicking on the speaker icon.

Our Verdict: We liked the audio and graphics and felt it suited the money theme of the slot perfectly - especially with the clinking money sounds.

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot on Mobile

Wazdan has designed all of their slot games, including 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot, to be mobile-friendly. This means that you can enjoy their slots on any Android or Apple phone. So, whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, you can easily play and have fun with Wazdan's exciting slot games wherever you are.

12 Coins

12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot FAQs

Who made 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot?

The slot was developed by Wazdan.

What is the RTP for 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot?


How much can I win playing 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot?

The slot pays out up to 750x your stake.

Can I play 12 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is playable on all iOS and Android devices.


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