Bonus Rounds Online Slots

Slot games with the best bonus rounds

Online slot games are great fun to play, with most of this entertainment coming in their respective bonus rounds. Packed full of unique features, win multipliers and much more, these tend to offer plenty of big-win potential, which are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Base games are great, with plenty offering the chance to trigger big wins, but triggering a bonus round is really what the vast majority of slot games are all about.

New Slots with Bonus Rounds

What are Slots with Bonus Rounds

There are also different reasons why a slot has 6 reels rather than 5 reels. One of these is the fantastic mechanic, Megaways. Megaways are a relatively new feature in the online slot world and are a favourite amongst bettors. What makes Megaways special is that it can make players what feels like an infinite amount of ways to win.

These games are similar to video slots in format, but they include six reels that may hold anywhere from two to seven symbols apiece, as well as a horizontal reel with an additional four symbols. When they reach their maximum capacity (seven symbols on each reel), the game offers thousands of  Megaways to win (and occasionally even more), implying that you might win far more than in ordinary video slots.