Elemental Gems Megaways Slot

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot
Published Date · May 3, 2022 · Last Updated · Sept. 18, 2023
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Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Review

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Overview

Elemental Gems Megaways slot is one of Pragmatic Play’s most recent games with an Asian theme. Released in February 2022, this slot is inundated with traditional Chinese symbolism. Pragmatic Play is one of the biggest and most competent software providers in the online gaming industry. Their speciality lies in optimising a game for mobile devices and providing live casinos, slots, bingos, scratchcards, and more. 

Elemental Gems Megaways is a bit different from other Megaways slots out there. Elemental Gems has an oriental theme and takes us through a tour of China. The volatility is medium and there are 512 ways to win in this game. For a megaways engine, the paylines are a little lower than usual, but this is made up to some extent by the high volatility, which keeps things interesting. There are wild symbols and multipliers in this game but no scatter symbols or bonus rounds as such. 

The layout of this game is 3:8. But you get a 4th reel that can be called the side reel or the multiplier reel. Pragmatic Play has made the RTP customisable, with its highest being 96.51%, so be sure to check the RTP of the slot for each specific casino you play at. The minimum you can bet in this game is £0.02, and the maximum is £100. Combine this with a maximum win of 5000x your stake and Elemental Gems Megaways becomes a slot that high-rollers can easily enjoy!

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Details











5,000 x

Software Provider

Pragmatic Play



Design and Layout

Wild Symbol, Megaways, 3 Reel Slots



The Elemental Gems Megaways is unfortunately not one of Pragmatic Play’s best slots. While the Chinese theme, graphics and visuals are well-executed, the actual gameplay of the slot lets it down. In particular, the paylines and maximum win are relatively low, especially for a Megaways slot. The volatility is quite high for what are typically low returns. The combination of the max bet and max stake means there are theoretically chances to win big here, but we can’t help but feel that with a little more work on gameplay mechanics this slot could have been something really great. We’d recommend this slot for people who want a simplified version of the Megaways games or particularly wants to enjoy an Asian themed game, otherwise, we’d recommend you check out some of our other top slots.


Multi-Reel Wilds

High-Value Multipliers

High Max Win


Customisable RTP

Low Paylines

High Volatility

How To Play Elemental Gems Megaways Slot

Elemental Gems Megaways is a high volatility game with 512 paylines. There are usually three reels in the base game, and then there is the multiplier reel that holds multipliers. The multipliers can increase your stake up to 100x of its original value.

You can win by landing three matching symbols from left to right. The symbols have divisions in their potential payouts. Let us look at the paytable of Elemental Gems Megaways.

  • Wild symbol: The wild symbol looks like a yellow and white yin and yang. This symbol can pay you up to 2.5x of your original stake.
  • The Red Pagoda/Monastery: This is the highest paying symbol after the wild symbol. It gives you 1.5x of your original stake.
  • Fire symbol: This symbol is also one of the highest paying that can give you 1x of your original stake.
  • Purple symbol: This is one of the medium-paying symbols that can give you 0.6x of the original stake.
  • Green or leaf symbol: This is the signifier of earth and pays you 0.25x of your original stake.
  • Red or Rock symbol: This can pay you up to 0.2x of your stake.
  • Blue or water symbol: This symbol can pay you up to 0.1x of your original stake.

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Features

Graphics and Theme

The Elemental Gems Megaways game is one of Pragmatic Play’s first oriental-themed games. They have a number of Asian-themed slots, so it is not surprising that the visuals are pretty polished with their latest slot. The base of the Graphics is a mixture of mauve and blue. There are two authentic-looking depictions of Chinese dragons on two sides of the reels. The multiplier reel has the potential to multiply the winning value up to 100 times. The mechanism of the multiplier reel and the design are different from the rest of the three reels. The reels are set on light purple bricks whose colour borders on grey. The bricks are engraved with what looks like ancient scriptures or patterns. These patterns are identical to what we can see on Chinese Pagodas.

The symbols in this game are in line with the Chinese-themed environment of the game. The wild symbol is the yin-yang symbol but in yellow and white. It is also adorned with a yellow surrounding that gives it a royal look. The rest of the symbols are simple except for one of the highest-paying that contains a red monastery. The other symbols represent the elemental aspect of the game–fire, earth, and water.

Bonuses and Free Spins

There aren’t any free spins features or bonus rounds in this game. The only feature it has is multipliers. The multiplier symbol looks like a pale blue bejewelled pearl with 5x written on it. Every spin lands on a specific multiplier amount which is given in the 4th reel. The multipliers can go up to 100x.

Play Elemental Gems Megaways Demo for Free

If you want to play for fun first, why not try the Elemental Gems Megaways slot demo! Online slot demos help you build gaming assurance, making you feel more confident when betting real money Treat online slots demos as your playground to experiment with new betting strategies, fine-tuning them for optimal results.

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Graphics & Audio


Elemental Gems Megaways Slot on Mobile

This particular slot has been designed by HTML 5 and is optimised to work on iOS, Windows, and Android devices. It is also optimised for mobile devices. You don’t need an app to play Elemental Gems on your phone or tab; you can log into it through a browser.

Elemental Gems Megaways


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