Wild Symbols Online Slots

Best slot games with wild symbols

Wild symbols on slots have existed since the first “One-Armed Bandit” slot machine appeared in casinos. These much sought-after symbols are akin to the joker card in a deck of cards. They can get used with any other reel symbol to help create a winning combination. For example, if you have a symbol on reels one and three and a wild symbol sandwiched in the middle, it will create a winning combination. In addition, certain wild symbols can arrive with prizes of their own.

New Wild Symbols Slot Machines

How does a Wild Symbol slot machine work?

The wild symbol can substitute for any of the characters on the reels and would complete a winning combination that otherwise wouldn’t be there. The only exception to this rule is that the wild can’t replace scatter symbols, free spin or any other bonus symbols. In some slot games, the wild carries no value on its own, but in certain other slot games, it can be the highest-paying symbol.

Slot Wild symbols are significant to slot players as they crop up randomly during spins. The appearance of a single wild can be the difference between a non-earning spin and a lucrative one.

Wild symbols typically use a character that fits in with the game theme. To view the wilds available on a particular slot, visit the information area before spinning reels.

Wild symbols will also function during a bonus round. It is where the logo can be particularly lucrative when combined with multipliers. However, they can also be frustrating by ending up on the wrong reels.