Top 10 League of Legends Players

Top 10 League of Legends Players

Published Date · Jan. 14, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 9 mins

Top 10 League of Legends Players

The billion-dollar industry, esports, has changed the landscape for fans, sports competition and has transformed the traditional player into international professional athletes. Esports are usually organized, multiplayer events involving professional gamers, either independently or in teams. Esports is a general word that encompasses a wide spectrum of genres such as FPS (First-Person Shooter), MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, and many more. However, one of the most popular and arguably the best esport in the world, League of Legends (commonly known as LoL), has eclipsed the Super Bowl in terms of viewership, with approximately 100 million people tuning in around the world. Riot Games developed and distributed the MOBA in 2009. Riot's creators were inspired by Dota and wanted to create an independent video game in the same genre. Consequently,  League of Legends was designed and was one of the first truly free-to-play games and is accessible on various devices, with a new mobile version gaining traction in 2020.

Two teams compete in the 5vs5 game, with each side attacking and protecting half of the battlefield. Each of the 10 players pick individual characters called champions.  There are over 150 champions to choose from, each with their own distinct skills, roles, and different playing styles. Champions gain power throughout a battle by accumulating experience points and purchasing items to help your team defeat the enemy side. In the most popular map, Summoner's Rift, a team can win by breaking through to the opponent base and shattering their Nexus, a massive construct on each side of the map.

Who are the top 10 League of Legends players? The response is often subjective. Some may say the top gamers are technical geniuses who use remarkable plays to overpower their rivals. Others admire leaders who can confidently guide their allies on the battlefield. Others place their faith in risk-takers or the underdogs who always appear to come up with fresh methods to disrupt the conventional game. To find out our 10 LoL players that are currently active, read on!

10. Tarzan: LNG

Lee "Tarzan" Seung-Yong is a Korean 22-year-old jungler who currently plays for LNG esports. Tarzan is a legendary jungler. Now, through LNG esports, he is attempting to achieve similar accomplishments in China. He has helped his team transcend expectations and make long plays in the LPL playoffs since joining in 2020. His playing style isn't centered on just technique. Tarzan has an incredible aptitude for hunting down the enemy jungler and has no trouble outplaying his adversaries on the map. Tarzan is one of the top LoL esports players of all time because of his mix of skill and macro strategy. Tarzan had played in 16 events with cash awards, the highest of which is the LoL 2019 World Championship (Worlds), which paid $17,800.00. He came in fifth to eighth place, accounting for 20.76 percent of his total prize money.

US - 10. Tarzan- LNG

9. Karsa: Victory Five

Hung "Karsa" Hao-Hsuan Karsa has long been one of the best LoL players, yet he manages to remain overlooked in a lot of lists. He first appeared on the scene in 2014 and began jungling for the legendary Flash Wolves lineup six months later. Karsa is well-known for his expert jungle navigation and quick judgment. Karsa has resorted to champions with power and impact early in the game instead of carrying later in the game. However, Karsa seems to have adjusted to every meta. With 113 games, Lee Sin has become one of his most favored champions, but he's had tremendous results with Gragas, (83.3 percent win rate in 60 games). Karsan is ranked the 15th highest earning LoL player globally in 2021.  His adaptability and expertise make him an excellent addition to any team's roster.

US - 9. Karsa- Victory Five

8. Doinb: LNG Esports

25-year-old Kim "Doinb '' Tae-sang is a Korean mid-laner who has made China his permanent residence. Despite being Korean,  Doinb has not played for a Korean team. Doinb's largest cash award was at Worlds 2019 ($166,875.00), and his total prize pool money, including his 20 tournaments played, is $384,888.93. He has an enormous pool of champions, including Pantheon, Ryze, Kled, and Viktor. However, he has regularly demonstrated the ability to play off-meta champions like Nocturne and Nautilus. The solo queue mid-laner has been complemented by the likes of Faker. 

US - 8. Doinb- LNG Esports

7. TheShy: Weibo Gaming

Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok is a South Korean gamer who is signed with Weibo Gaming as a Top-laner. He has great communication skills, fight skills, and overall technical prowess. TheShy is regarded as one of League of Legends' strongest attackers and most aggressive players. His overpowering ferocity and strategic moves would take an inordinate amount of time to learn and perfect.TheShy aims to overpower his competitors with aggression—and in a fearless manner, this only works with a seasoned top-laner. His superior technical talent compared to other top-laners allows him to make multiple kills within the game. TheShy has played in 15 events earning prize money, with the greatest sum being $403,125.00 from the LoL 2018 World Championship. He came first, accounting for 74.87 percent of his total reward money.

US - 7. TheShy- Weibo Gaming

6. Perkz: Team Vitality 

Luka "Perkz" Perkovi is probably one of the best multi-positioned players in our top 10.  The 23-year-old from Croatia plays as a mid-laner for Vitality. He has achieved multiple consecutive LEC splits before switching to an ADC role. Perkz then went on to win multiple LEC splits as an ADC and one as a mid-laner. He is known for his intense playstyle and propensity to go for kills. While many mid-laners thrive in a roaming role, Perkz prefers to put pressure on the mid-laner of his opponent. In his career, he has challenged opponents by being very unpredictable during the pick and ban phases in tournaments. He has only recently changed regions, relocating from Europe to North America and joining Cloud9. His unpredictability allows for a diverse range of champions such as Yasuo, Syndra, Xayah, Lucian, and Kai’Sa. As of 2021, Perkz is in the top 20 highest earning LoL professionals of all time, with an estimated $520,805.47 accumulated from 31 tournaments.

US - 6. Perkz- Team Vitality

5. Rekkles: ⁠Karmine Corp 

25-year-old Carl Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson is without a doubt one of the top League of Legends players of all time. In 2012, Rekkles began playing competitive LoL, so he boasts a spectacular career spanning over 10 years which is rare for an esports player. The Swedish bot laner has competed for some of the finest European teams, including Fnatic and G2 Esports. Rekkles, perhaps Europe's finest ADC player, was the first player in the EU LCS to surpass 1000 kills. He also became the first player in the LEC to surpass 1500 kills. Rekkles has earned the most revenue from a single event, $145,125.00 from the LoL World Championship in 2018. He finished second, accounting for 32.20 percent of his total prize money. Rekkles has noted Deft is one of his League of Legends heroes. He was the first to reach 2000 kills in the LEC in 2021, so it is only right we place him right next to his idol on the list.

US - 5. Rekkles- ⁠Karmine Corp

4. Deft: DRX

Hyuk-kyu ‘Deft’ Kim is a 23-year-old DRX bot laner from South Korea. Deft is a force to be reckoned with and has proven time and time again he deserves to be in this top 10. Deft has immaculate technical skills, and his unique combination of game mastery and killing intuition makes him the core of every battle. His lethal instincts and aggressive approach have propelled him to the fourth spot on our list of the greatest professional players of LoL. While his laning isn't as outstanding as some of the other players on our top 10, he compensates by paying meticulous attention to detail during team fights or smaller conflicts. A fun fact is that the Bot player went to the same high school as Faker! He moved to DRX in late 2021, where he is anticipated to lead the squad to the LCK playoffs.

US - 4. Deft- DRX

3. Caps: G2 esports

22-year-old Rasmus "Caps" Borregaard Winther from Denmark is number three on our list. Caps currently plays for G2 Esports and is one of the world’s top-earning European LoL players. The mid-laner is well-known for his mechanical prowess, large champion pool, CS lead, and massive solo kills. His lead in games, nicknamed "Mini Faker" or "Baby Faker" due to his younger age and playstyle abilities. Despite his age, he has gone on to become the first Westerner to reach back-to-back Worlds finals. His champions typically include Ryze, Zoe, Orianna, and Aurelion Sol. Caps is always developing new techniques and champion rotations, making him entirely unpredictable for mid-lane selections. With an impressive estimated $470,104.57 earned from 30 tournaments, the 22-year-old is at a fantastic place in his career.

US - 3. Caps- G2 esports

2. Rookie: Victory Five

The 24-year-old South Korean mid-laner, Song "Rookie" Eui-jin is the second player on our list. Rookie discovered LoL a few years after its release when he was 14 years old and soon rose to prominence as one of the best players in the esports industry. The Victory Five player gained notoriety as a result of his outstanding Solo Queue skills. Rookie's massive champion roster, technical brilliance, and great team fighting abilities wowed casters and audiences when he was acquired by Invictus Gaming (IG). Since his emergence, he's been dubbed "Faker Junior" for his wide champion pool and outstanding technical skills. Rookie is widely regarded as one of the finest mid-laners in the game's history. Rookie's largest single-tournament win was $403,125.00 at the LoL 2018 World Championship 2018. He came in first, accounting for 66.04 percent of his total reward money. Known for his favorite champions Syndra, LeBlanc, Lissandra, and Orianna, Rookie has turned heads throughout his career, so it was no surprise that Victory Five picked him up in 2022. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

US - 2. Rookie- Victory Five

1. Faker: T1

Unsurprisingly, it’s Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. The 25-year-old Korean, also known as the "Unkillable Demon King," is a technical prodigy.  Faker continues to advance, studying and perfecting every LoL champion available. This player is a ferocious powerhouse that effortlessly rises to the top of LoL rankings. His amount of technical prowess is so incredible, and  Faker keeps climbing, studying, and perfecting every champion the game has to offer.  His pool is unparalleled, and his mechanical skills are unmatched. Faker has probably the most diverse champion pools in the game's history. He has played over 71 different champions in his career, making him tough to predict in drafting. The mid-laner’s picks often consist of Zed, LeBlanc, Azir, Syndra, Ryze, and Ahri. He is the first gamer to surpass 2000 kills, the second to play 500 games, and the first to play 600 in the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea). He has won Worlds three times (one of the only LoL players to do so). As of 2021, he is the top-earning LoL player ever with $6,450,000.00 in total prize pool money won.

US - 1. Faker- T1

Notable Mentions (Retired Players)

Uzi: Jian ‘Uzi’ Zihao was a player who possessed both technical and cognitive skills. This legend, widely regarded as the finest AD carry in the game, tormented his opponents with impeccably timed movements and exquisite accuracy. Uzi has been unable to win an LPL crown for a long period of time, but his triumph in the 2018 Spring Split put a stop to that run. Nevertheless, he has never hesitated to put on a show at major tournaments, establishing himself as one of the best LoL players in the world. Uzi is perhaps the finest player who has never won a World Championship.

Mata: Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong knew how to play the enchanters, and he knew how to play them effectively. But he was particularly good at dictating exchanges and battles with playmaking supports like Raken, Thresh, and Alistar. Thresh was arguably Mata's most efficient champion, winning 81 of his 113 games as Thresh over his career. Although not having Faker's reputation, Mata has arguably had a greater influence on LoL and how it has been played since. 

DoubleLift: Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is a legendary LoL player from the North American region. Doublelift made his debut in 2011, but it wasn't until his second tenure with the team in Summe 2015 that he won his first national title. He currently has 8 LCS titles under his belt. He sadly retired in 2020, but he left an incredible impact on the LoL world to this day.

Bjergsen: If an esports Hall of Fame ever exists, Bjergsen's name would undoubtedly be on it. Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg increased the standard of play in the NA region and is arguably the best player to come out of the country regarding LoL. He was the greatest mid laner in the region for a long time. When Bjergsen resigned to coach, he was still at the peak of his career. He entered the league as the top mid laner and departed as the best mid laner, a remarkable feat that may never be repeated.

Do you agree with our list, or think we have missed someone? Who would you pick as your top 10 League of Legends Players?

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