US Casinos Had Strongest Month Ever, Earning $5.3 Billion

US Casinos Had Strongest Month Ever, Earning $5.3 Billion

Published Date · May 12, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 1 mins

March was historically the best month the US has seen Casino-wise! According to the American Gaming Association, the betting industry's primary trade organization, licensed casinos in the United States earned more than $5.3 billion in March, the highest single-month amount ever. The prior high-water mark was $4.92 billion in July 2021. The casinos enjoyed their greatest first quarter ever, coming up just shy of the $14.35 billion in gambling revenue they earned in the fourth quarter of last year which was the biggest three-month historical period.

Arkansas ($147.4 million), Florida ($182 million), and New York ($996.6 million) all established quarterly revenue record-breaking stats to begin the year.  These particular figures exclude native casinos, which disclose their earnings independently and are projected to have comparably good outcomes. While the overall casino industry is thriving, there remain areas of weakness, such as in one of the betting capitals, Atlantic City, where in-person casino income has yet to recover to pre-pandemic numbers. Casino revenue in the United States recorded an all-time high of $53.03 billion in 2021, up 21% from the previous best year, 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. Last year, Americans wagered $57.7 billion on sports, more than double the amount wagered in 2020. This resulted in profits of $4.33 billion, a nearly 180 percent increase over 2020. Last year, online betting income totaled $3.71 billion, with three states — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — winning more than $1 billion apiece.


Phoebe Greenwood

Content Writer