Will Missouri Allow Online Gambling In 2024?

Will Missouri Allow Online Gambling In 2024?

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Published Date · Feb. 20, 2024 · Last Updated · Feb. 20, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Missouri may be one of the upcoming states to join the gambling changes sweeping the US. Online sports betting and gambling are illegal in Missouri, preventing local players from accessing state sites or placing bets. The future is looking brighter because several attempts have been made to help legalize online gambling in the state, and despite them being unsuccessful, each dent made in the legislation is allowing for more conversation and progress to happen.

Online Casinos in Missouri

To add to the overall push, towards legalizing online gambling and sports betting, even Kansas was faster than Missouri in 2022. State rival-ship aside, plenty could benefit from a change in the legislature. Local players would have a domestic industry to support and enjoy. The best alternative lies in trusted and curated lists, like the one on Basketball Insiders. Missouri could benefit from tax incomes, commissions, and permits; not to mention an increase in visits, from sports tourism, if the state decides to legalize online gambling and sports betting.


The Road To iGaming Legalization So Far

The first attempt at legalization began in 2018 with the PASPA Act (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection), but it ultimately failed. Then, in 2023, Missouri's professional sports betting coalition began gathering traction and support, getting sponsors, and promoting bills.

Two sports betting bills, SB 852 and SB 824, could legalize online sports betting and set the foundation for other online activities like gambling. With 13 local Indian casinos and a potential for over 40 online sportsbooks, they will all be waiting for a green light during the next legislative session, which is scheduled for 2024.


A previous attempt was halted by the Bill 556 failure in November 2023, where House Bill 556 did not make it in time. Still, support exists, and a new Bill 2331 could make significant changes by allowing wagering at state-owned casinos via mobile apps and sites. Other changes that could sweeten the deal are a proposed 10% tax rate on gross revenue from gambling and terminals for in-person gambling. Many unlikely court cases pulled a hail Mary and won, as well as other states in the US that have successfully legalized online gambling and sports betting, so 2024 could be the year for Missouri as well...

The Revenue Potential for Missouri

Revenue Increase

Kansas reported a revenue of over $19 million from online gambling, and Illinois made a staggering $1.5 billion in gaming revenue, both during 2023. Neighboring cases offer a strong case and support for an untapped market potential, which could satisfy the local players' needs for a regulated, safe, and quality online betting site. Factual numbers can also push the cause forward, providing concrete evidence. The GeoComply company has conducted research, during 2023, establishing over 350,000 accounts and making over 24 million attempts to place an online bet.

While each attempt was blocked, it's clear that the demand exists because Missourians are also going to other states where it's legal to gamble and spend their money abroad, instead of at home. Over 6000 users were in Kansas, and over 5000 were in Illinois.

Taxing online gambling and sports betting at 10% is projected to bring in nearly $30 million yearly. The tax revenue could be used for giving back to the community via sponsoring gambling prevention and compulsive gambling, the rest could be funneled towards public education programs, libraries, schools, and other public services.


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