Dragons Clusterbuster Slot

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot
Published Date · Aug. 25, 2022 · Last Updated · May 5, 2023
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Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Review

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Overview

The Dragon Clusterbuster slot was created by Red Tiger Gaming. When it was first released on 28 April 2022, it became an instant success among the players because of its clean design, artwork and its relatively unique features of its bonuses. It is a fantasy-themed slot machine with a massive 9 x 9 playing field. In the Dragons Clusterbuster slot, you will find exciting dragons and dragon eggs. Dragons might be the go-to mythical creature of choice for the fantasy theme, but Red Tiger Gaming pulls it off seamlessly. The game background includes detailed Dragon scales, occasionally punctuated with smooth visuals such as a dragon’s fiery breath.

Dragon Clusterbuster pays out when you land clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. The more matching symbols you have, the larger the multiplier. This slot has an RTP of 96% and a respectable max win of 5,250x your stake. The minimum and maximum bets you can place are £0.10 and £20, respectively, so while this slot is more geared towards those playing smaller for longer, there’s still room for big wins if you get lucky! The game’s main focus is the unlockable dragon egg at the centre of the reels.  These eggs can be hatched to gain assistance from dragons – in the form of modifiers that stay unlocked!

Graphics and Theme

Dragon Clusterbuster’s inspiration comes from fantasy and the connection to dragons. It is, however, a bit more subtle than some of its competitors. The prevalence of dragons beyond the scaley background only becomes obvious when you hatch the egg at the centre of the reels. The reels can hold up to 72 symbols, so there can be a lot to take in with this slot. The four premium symbols are represented by scrolls, daggers, as well as orbs and crowns befitting royalty. Along with the regular symbols, there is also a wild symbol and a free spin scatter. When you unlock (or hatch) the bonus features, a different dragon will soar across the board, raining down its elemental breath to help you win your spins. The game’s audio has dragon’s roars that punctuate the game’s fantasy-themed music, which, while fairly standard, is well-made and makes the experience more immersive.

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Details


Cluster pays









5.25 x

Software Provider



Fantasy, Mythology

Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots


Bonus Round, Free Spins, Multiplier

Dragon Clusterbuster design includes the impressive visuals and graphics typical of many other Red Tiger Gaming slots. Its reels and backdrop have intricate detail that suits the Dragon theme; moreover, this slot has entered an entertaining set of features to unlock making the gameplay feel rewarding. While the slot does offer considerable payouts, you should be careful with it’s high-volatility. What sets this slot apart from most is its unique bonus features. These might take too long to come online for some players, but for us, a little patience is worth the hope and expectation of a big reward from these dragons!


Bonus Mechanics

5,250x Max Win

Exciting Modifiers


Variable RTPs

Unlocking Bonus Features Slow

How To Play Dragons Clusterbuster Slot

Dragons Clusterbluster game design will instantly grab your attention. The slot takes place on an enhanced nine by nine grid, but a three by three grid is blocked in the middle. The reels can hold up to 72 symbols divided into low paying and high paying symbols. There are 11 symbols and include five low-paying symbols; they are represented by 10, J, Q, K and A. The highest paying of the 4 premium symbols is the Crown, which pays 1.5x to 50x or clusters of 5+ to 20+. Wild substitute for all paying symbols. Like many cluster pay slots, Dragon Clusterbuster uses the Chain Reaction feature, which triggers when you land a paying cluster. However, the main focus of this slot and the best chance of scoring big wins is by unlocking the assistance of Dragons!

At the start of the game, the features are locked, so they can not be triggered. To unlock them, players must smash all the eight outer blocker tiles surrounding the centre tile’s dragon egg. When this happens, the Clusterbuster hatches and a dragon eye appears above the reels indicating that the related feature is available. The feature progresses from blue to green and finally to a purple hatchling. This slot’s stakes range between £0.10 and £20, which will please players who prefer playing with a smaller stake or budget.

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Features

Bonuses and Free Spins

This slot is focused heavily on the central 3×3 area known as the Clusterbuster. The centre tile has 8 surrounding tiles known as blocker tiles, which can be cleared by landing adjacent cluster wins. Each time you manage to do so, you will hatch one of the 3 eggs that represent bonus features. To trigger any feature, you need to smash all eight blocker tiles, and after opening the features, you can benefit from hatchling features. Three eggs are unlocked progressively to release 3 dragon hatchlings: the blue hatchling, green hatchling, and purple hatchling. They give the corresponding bonuses:

Blue: Removes Low-value symbols from the reels leaving only premium symbols on the board and only allowing more premium symbols in the following cascade.

Green:  This hatchling randomly adds up to 20 wilds that are randomly placed on the reels.

Purple: With a burst of lightning, the purple hatchling adds a multiplier, randomly assigned to up 13 symbols on the reels. The multiplier values vary between 2 and 100. Notably,  if more than one multiplier is part of a win, they multiply against each other up to a max multiplier of x100 per cluster.

Free spins can only be triggered once all 3 eggs have been hatched and have the same trigger condition as the eggs. The free spins are represented by the ‘Fire Egg’, which grants the player ten free spins once successfully hatched. The egg, which would usually block some tiles, is not present for the reasons during the bonus, making it easier to land a winning cluster. The 3 hatchlings are significantly more active during the bonus free spins round – this means your chances of big wins during this round are much greater. During the bonus free spins round, you cannot retrigger the bonus; however, at the end of the free spins round, the Fire Egg locks again and can once again be hatched for more free spins – if you’re lucky enough!

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot RTP & Volatility

The slot has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96%, which aligns exactly with the industry average expected of slot games.

The game is classed as a high volatility slot, meaning your wins will likely be big even if they won't come around very often.

Dragons Clusterbuster Slot Graphics & Audio


Dragons Clusterbuster Slot on Mobile

Red tiger gaming has ensured that this game works on all devices, windows and iOS and different screen sizes. This well-optimized slot and its graphics are pleasing on all platforms, especially for gamers who want to enjoy dragons or fantasy-themed slots on the go.

Dragons Clusterbuster


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