Best Slot Machines to Play on Online Casinos

Best Slot Machines to Play on Online Casinos

Published Date · March 11, 2019 · Last Updated · July 4, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Whether we are non-initiated to gambling or experienced gamblers, we all know these famous slot machines which make casinos so popular! And for quite some time now they have been spreading all over the internet. Both modern and easily accessible, they ended up becoming the archetype of gambling and got to dethrone the most classic games in no time. So if you are lacking in time to go to gambling kingdoms or if you simply prefer attempting to win the jackpot from the comfort of your couch, well there is nothing easier nowadays! It’s possible to play from your PC but also from your mobile or tablet. However, offers from casinos featuring slot machines are so abundant that players don’t know where to look at anymore! Between video slot machines, classic ones, 3D slot machines, slot machines with a progressive jackpot or free slot machines to have fun without losing anything, it can sometimes be hard to navigate through the clouds. We compiled especially for you a selection of the best online casino websites out there where you can play slot machines, in order to help you choose easily and find the most generous bonuses!

Among them appear different types of machines adapted to your needs! Because finally, your choice regarding the type of slot machines you want to play will change according to your expectations. You would not choose the same website whether you wanted to win the jackpot (or the best bonus) or you wished to just have fun. It is then essential for you to know the creator of the game you like before rushing headlong into an online slot machine.

Different types of slot machines:

Traditional slot machines

Intended for purists, these are the classic slot machines with 3 rolls on which symbols are drawn such as bananas, cherries and number 7. The winning line is the one at the center; it means you need all 3 symbols of the middle line to be identical.

Multi-line Slot Machines

More attractive than traditional slot machines, multi-line slot machines were developed having 5 rolls in order to deliver more possible combinations. Players choose the number of winning lines they want, and obviously the more there are the bigger the wager.

Video Slot Machines

Some slot machines are true video games that relate to particular themes in which players participate in their own right to what is happening. From turning the wheel to earning bonuses, the player must interact to get more winnings. Hence, they have control over luck, which they have to bring through their actions. The best video slot machines incorporate the 3D technology for you to feel as if you were inside the game! These slot machines are totally absorbing!

Slot Machines With a Progressive Jackpot

Some slot machines are linked to one another via some network and offer a progressive jackpot. As soon as a player chooses to gamble on one of these, their bet is applied to a stockpile that is supplied by the money gambled by all the players over the course of time; and this stockpile constitutes a jackpot. The player who gets the best combination of the machine wins the jackpot. And for the boldest of you, once again there are a lot of tips and tricks regarding the best online slot machines.

Tips for online casinos

Even if online casinos include a certain part of luck, some information may allow you to be luckier than others. On that matter, some slot machines are more attracting than others, due to their payout rate because that’s what influences the profit you might make.

Payout Rate Calculation

The payout rate is calculated over a period of time. For example, for a duration of 24 hours, several players come one after another on a slot machine… At the end of the period, all in all, they bet 10 000£ while the machine displays having paid out 9 000£ worth of winnings. To get the payout rate, you just need to do one simple calculation: (9 000*100)/10 000 = 90%. The payout rate is then 90%. It means that 90 % of what goes into the machine is redistributed to players as winnings. The best slot machines are determined by their payout rate. And this rate must revolve around between 95% and 98 % to be sure you are yielding the best returns.


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