5 Types of Players at the Blackjack Table

5 Types of Players at the Blackjack Table

Published Date · Nov. 24, 2021 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Blackjack is one of the most popular card and casino games in the world. The primary goal is to score a hand total as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it and beat the dealer. Whether you are new to the table or consider yourself somewhat a savant, you will come across many different types of characters who play this universal game. So who are the people you can meet at the blackjack table? Read on to find out whether you are or have met one of these players.

The Noob 

Possibly one of the easiest to spot, as we have all been there, is the beginner. The beginner stereotype often describes a person who may not fully know the rules or comprehend the science behind strategies. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the youngest person in the group, or even that they won’t win (beginners luck is a real thing!). If you are a beginner, try the most basic blackjack strategy to improve your game. Another piece of advice is to brush up on the most common mistakes new players make, especially when letting the house get the advantage. But remember, it takes time to understand the game, so don’t feel like you have to bet everything in one night. After all, practice makes perfect!


Flat Betty

Consistency is key with the most steady player at the table. By implementing flat bets, this individual can gain more control of the game and lessen the house’s advantage. The flat better’s strategy includes wagering the same amount on each bet over and over again. This, however, may imply it is their only strategy!  Even if they have won consecutively, they remain constant since flat betting is safer and can be a more lucrative way to play blackjack. This player lives by the ‘you win some you lose some’ mentality and often will remain calm when they do lose. Flat betters often play blackjack because they enjoy the experience of playing, maintaining a consistent approach the entire game.


The Strategist

The mathematician, the logicist and a stickler for the rules, this player has a strategy for every outcome. If they haven’t played hundreds of times, then they have studied the art of blackjack. The power move in the game comes from minimising the house’s edge as much as possible, so if they have multiple strategies to accomplish this, they have more of a chance at winning. If you want to become the strategist at the table, then the trick is to study, watch and practice. If you are stuck on developing a formula, take a look at our blackjack cheat sheet for some tips and tricks. When you put your strategies into play, you will see how they can benefit your game over time. However, keep in mind this player cannot win every time, even with the best strategies!


The Big Spender 

The big spender doesn’t shy away from putting all their chips down on the table. The players who fit this description will be placing more and more money down, often more than the entire table’s bets combined. Whether they win or not depends on how well they know blackjack. Many beginners slip into this mentality, as they believe putting more chips down can disguise the fact they don’t know what they are doing. Some people just have the money to place larger bets down! It is good to know how to play blackjack before putting a large sum down. Never compare your bets to other players. Just because they are flashing their money around does not always mean they know what they are doing. Only bet the amount you are willing to lose.


Alan from the Hangover 

This individual believes they are 007 reincarnated when they walk into the casino. Dressed to the nines and armed with a speciality cocktail, you’ll know this player when you see them. Equipped with the knowledge of every casino film ever made and every strategy book ever written, this player will imitate their favourite characters with the expectations of a big win. This player believes that they can replicate similar outcomes and winnings if they find themselves in a familiar scene to their favourite film. But unfortunately, reproducing results like Alan from the Hangover winning 80k may not happen regularly for this player. Instead, they are relying on their gut…and their best rounders impersonation. This player believes their favourite characters have prepared them to join the blackjack table, which unfortunately is not the best strategy. They may lose more frequently than others, but if they’re just there to have fun, that’s all that matters! 



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