Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Published Date · Nov. 4, 2021 · Last Updated · Nov. 7, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins

What is a Blackjack Cheat Sheet ?

A blackjack cheat sheet, or blackjack strategy sheet, is a diagram that tells you what moves to make and when. Along one edge of the grid are the possible values of your hand, and along the other are those of the dealer. You then trace with your finger to the point at which the relevant column and row meet to find a box containing your strategy. Again, don’t let the name fool you; a blackjack cheat card is legal to possess, and many players bring them to the table. But remember, if you want to use one, ask the dealer’s permission first.

Why would you need a Blackjack Cheat Sheet?

There are over 200 unique positions in a simple blackjack game, which means there are many ways any given hand can go. A blackjack strategy sheet allows you to compose yourself and make smart moves at every stage. This is ideal if you’re playing for high stakes or just want to get to grips with the basics. Over time, you’ll find you have committed your strategy to memory and won’t need your blackjack rules chart anymore.

What is a Strategy chart in Blackjack?

A strategy chart is the same as a cheat sheet, and it’s all about maximising your chances of winning. The precise strategy on the card will depend on how aggressive you want to be. If you’re someone who always sticks on 16, you’ll want a more conservative strategy card. But if you don’t mind the odds of 3:1 against you when you hit on 16, opt for a more aggressive card. 

Players who play many hands in a row will have multiple different strategies committed to memory. This allows them to vary things up and keep the dealer guessing about what they will do next. Ideal when you want to make sure that you can remove the house edge with some clever psychology.

Can you use a Cheat Sheet at a Blackjack Table?

Yes, provided you have permission from the dealer. As the house representative, the dealer gets the final say over what you can and can’t do at the table. Of course, other players may also protest the dealer if they feel like your blackjack rules chart is giving you an unfair advantage. But, once again, the final decision lies with the dealer, not the most vocal player at the card table. 

You can also use a blackjack card sheet when playing online. However, in time you’ll find that your strategies are so well committed to memory that they start to feel like second nature. When this happens, you might want to add backup sheets to your arsenal so you can start developing more complex strategies from one hand to the next.


Card Counting Strategies with a Blackjack Cheat Chart

Counting cards is one of those things that crosses over into popular culture, but what exactly is it? The idea is to keep track of the cards that have been dealt so you can make an educated guess about what’s still in the deck. If you factor in that you’re playing with 6-8 decks all shuffled together; things soon get complicated. 

You will never know for sure what’s on the top of the deck, even with a cheat sheet. All the cheat sheet does is give you good odds of making a winning move. It’s in no way an actual method to cheat and reveal the structure of the deck. 

Card counters are skilled players who can keep track of the state of the deck based on previously dealt hands. A basic counting system adds a value to the deck where cards valued 2-6 are +1, faces and aces get -1, and 7-9 score 0. You then divide the total by the number of decks in the game. This last step is really important because it accounts for the fact that there are duplicates of every card you see on the table. The number you are left with is known as the true count. 

If you can track this number over time, you can push the odds of winning in your favour by around 2%. Betting heavily when the true count is positive and low when it’s negative helps you win your bets more often.

How to find the Best Blackjack Cheat Sheet?

The basic blackjack strategy cheat sheet is available with a quick online search and is so common that you won’t have to buy it. From there, you can search for more advanced sheets developed by some of the world’s leading players.


Don’t let the name fool you; a cheat sheet is legal to use and not a secret formula to winning every hand. Instead, it helps you make smart choices to try and gently nudge the odds in your favour. This makes it a great training tool for anyone looking to master basic strategy and beyond.

Now you have read our blackjack cheat sheet, you can put it to use at a casino suitable for blackjack players.


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