How To Spot The Best Blackjack Tables?

How To Spot The Best Blackjack Tables?

Published Date · Aug. 16, 2019 · Last Updated · Nov. 7, 2023 ·Read Time · 4 mins


There can be things about some blackjack tables which differ from each other. For instance, the minimum and maximum bets allowed varies from one table to another. It can be simple to find what you’re looking for either in Las Vegas or on online casinos.

Spotting the perfect blackjack table that would suit your needs depends on what you want to get out of the game. In this article, we would be focusing on five significant variations you should keep an eye out for when searching for the perfect table. On weighing the options available at a table and you feel comfortable with them, then you can go for the bet. Here are the five common variations on different table blackjack games you can use to find the best.

The Minimum and Maximum Bet Limits Per Table

Although the betting table limit of a blackjack table would not change your playing strategy, it is important to familiarise yourself with it. One of the main reason you should take note of the betting limits is to ensure you are comfortable with the minimum stakes on the table. Most casinos have a placard on the table to indicate the betting limits. So, be sure to take note of what is at stake on the table you want to play blackjack.

The higher the maximum bet limit of a table is, the higher the winner would take home at the end of the day. If you are not willing to stake big then it will be wise to go to the tablers with a low max stake. But, if you don’t mind the risk and you’re in for a big adrenaline rush of playing blackjack to win big, then you can go ahead with the high maximum bet limit tables. But as a novice, a piece of advice from us is that you play at a table with a low minimum bet so that you can get the lay of how things are before you start stacking a lot higher.


How Many Decks get Dealt at the Table?

In blackjack, the numbers of decks of cards used can be of different values. The number of cards on a table affects the house edge against the blackjack player. The more the numbers of decks of cards on a table goes up, the more the house edge goes up. But, another thing you should also note is that you need to factor in the mix of rules. The point here is that you should note whether or not the game you are about to play is a single deck, double deck, or multi-deck game.

Most of the times, when you step into a casino, there are usually placards on the table indicating the numbers of decks dealt on the table. At times if it is a single deck or double deck, it would be shown. However, in some cases of a four, six, or eight-deck, it wouldn’t be indicated on the table. In a situation where there is no placard indicating the numbers of decks for the table, you can ask the dealer to be sure.

Playing rules can differ slightly on each table. It is vital to know the difference to ensure that you understand the game. The mix of rules along the numbers of decks is what will determine the house edge against you. You must be aware of rules on a blackjack table like whether or not the dealer hitting on a soft 17 is a part of the rules. You also need to know if you can double down on any of your two initial cards.

It is equally important you know if there are restrictions, and on what hands you are allowed to double down. You should also take note if it is possible to surrender on the table or not. Re-splitting is possible on some tables but not on others. The payoff of the untied blackjack is equally necessary so that you know where you stand in a case of a tie or push. There are more to the rules of the table, so make sure you study them to get acquainted.


How the Dealer Shuffles the Cards

The way the cards are being shuffled also matters, especially if you’re counting cards. Playing on a single or double deck blackjack table doesn’t have any issue because the dealer shuffles the cards with his hands. But on the other hand, when you are playing on a multi-deck blackjack table, shuffling by hand is time-consuming, so there was an introduction of automatic shuffler in casinos.

Some blackjack table makes use of the CSM (continuous shuffling machine). The CSM is a combination of dealer’s shoe, and an automatic shuffler. The introduction of CSM into casinos was to eliminate card counting effectively. Also, with the CSM, at casinos, the house can gain the edge over the player.


Number of Seats at a Table

The number of players playing at a table is very vital when you want to play blackjack at the best spot. When you play blackjack, it is to your advantage that the table you are playing at is full. Because most of the basic strategy on how to play blackjack works best on a full table. The worst table is when you are playing alone with the dealer. At a full table, fewer cards would be dealt to you, which will help reduce the exposure of your bankroll and to the house edge. But on a fewer table, the opposite is the case.

Now that you know where is best to sit, you can take a look at the best casinos for Blackjack players.



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