New Consumer Protection Information Provided by Gambling Commission

New Consumer Protection Information Provided by Gambling Commission

Published Date · June 24, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 1 mins

The rise of online casinos has caused many to question whether enough is being done in terms of responsible gambling. New casino player protection guidance, which gaming enterprises must consider, will aid in new regulations that take effect in September. The Gambling Commission unveiled new regulations in April to ensure online gaming companies do more to recognise and safeguard patrons at risk of harm. The updated advice offers remote gaming firms further details on recognising susceptible consumers and the danger signs they must watch out for, such as the “strong” danger sign that should be used when using automated systems and procedures. They also include ways to assess the effects of consumer interactions.

Gambling companies will be able to abide by the new regulations, which take effect on September 12, thanks to the updated consumer protection guidelines that were provided earlier this week. Operators may still use and refer to the current information as well as any further guidance published during the COVID-19 epidemic until September 12. The Commission’s ongoing effort to make gaming in Britain safer includes these latest recommendations. In addition, the Gambling Commission will soon launch a further consultation addressing consumers’ financial risks—binge wagering, sustained, sizable unaffordable losses, and risks for financially vulnerable people on online casino platforms. This is a cornerstone of the Commission’s larger work program to promote and encourage bettering industry standards, recognise consumers at risk of harm, and take appropriate action regarding responsible gambling.


Phoebe Greenwood

Content Writer