What Does One Billion Casino Spins Tell Us About Slot Players in 2020?

What Does One Billion Casino Spins Tell Us About Slot Players in 2020?

Published Date · Nov. 27, 2020 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

Vladimir Negine, the Director of Hubb88.io, has conducted some research after analysing casino spins from millions of players. Negine looked at the details of one billion slot spins throughout the course of the year in order to try and notice any patterns. 2020 has been a crazy year for many reasons. This may have impacted the gambling sector for players online.

It is tough to say exactly what has happened without having any research to back it up. Negine has given us this research though after having looked at around a billion spins so far from over 40 different operators. This helps to give a wide representation of data from the modern casino player. Let’s delve into the different patterns which were collected.


Difference Between Players in Europe and Asia

Players from all over the world enjoy casino games, with players coming from Europe and Asia being some of the most popular. It may seem a bit of a generalisation to say that there are some differences between Asian and European players but there in fact some patterns which differ between players from other parts of the world.

The first big difference between the two different countries in the casino player world comes from the contrast between time spent playing. On average, the players on the Asian side of the world play around seven days a month. This is just over once every four days on average. This could transpire into most players playing both days each weekend as the averages work out as roughly two days a week. Europeans play on average half of the time than Asians. Europeans log on just under four days per month on average. This suggests that they generally play one day a week, most likely on the weekends. Despite the fewer average number of logons each month, in general European players play for an average of 20 minutes longer than Asians. It is hard to be too specific as to what this could actually mean.


Difference in Risky Bets

The levels of volatility in games between European and Asian players differ as well. The high volatility games offer more risk but higher rewards. Essentially, what this means is that the player will win less often, but when they do win, it will generally be with higher odds. Higher volatility slots are seen more often in Europe with many more players choosing to chance their luck to try and win big. It is not just Europeans who enjoy these though, Canadian players have also been known to play a lot of games on high volatility slots.

Players in Asia tend to lean towards being more conservative when they play with the lower volatility slots. Now this could be a complete coincidence and there is no correlation at all between where players come from and the volatility of the slots that they play. There is not much to suggest that where someone is from should impact the types of slots that they play, so perhaps people just copy what their friends play?


Mobile Casino Play

It has been an ever growing trend in recent years that online casino play has been played on mobile. It is much simpler for online casino play to be played on a portable device. Players do not need to log onto a computer or go to a brick and mortar casino in order to play their favourite games now. Most slots these days are designed to be able to be played on mobile devices. Software developers know that there is a massive demand for this in the market so it makes sense to build games which work with these demands.

Back in 2017, 65% of online casino play took place on a laptop, with the remaining 35% just on mobile and tablets. These figures changed massively since then though with mobile users increasing to 46%. It is slot players which are behind the increase in mobile gaming. Table games still have a desktop majority with 60% of people playing on a computer. Slot games are so simple to play so it makes sense for them to be played on a mobile device where the touch screen is easy to function.


Theme Variations

As all casino fans know, there are thousands of different themed slots out there for players to have a play on. The data gathered by Negine allows us to be able to see which slots are most popular theme by theme. The theme which was most played over the course of 2020 was natural world. This could be a result of many people being stuck inside due to the lockdown restrictions so players wanted to play with an outside theme. Oriental themed slots were the second most popular which may come as a surprise.

Many people expected sport themed slots to continue to rise but in fact they actually dropped off in total plays, with 25% less usage in 2020 compared to 2019. Viking and spaced themed slots also suffered a fall in popularity, both of these had almost half the plays in 2020 as they did in 2019. Fruit themed slots increased in popularity though, so perhaps players just fancied a more classic themed game.



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