What Happened in the 2020 Casino World?

What Happened in the 2020 Casino World?

Published Date · Dec. 17, 2020 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 4 mins

What has Happened?

With the year of 2020 coming to an end (finally) we take a look at the biggest casino wins to have occurred this year. Despite the global pandemic and feeling like the world has been standing still, we have actually had some pretty incredible casino wins. Millions and millions of pounds have been won, which no doubt has some added value due to the uncertain times we have been through. If you need to know how you can have the chance to win big like some of these people then feel free to have a read through some of our guides on blackjack, roulette or video slots. These wins actually do happen so who knows? You could be the next person to change your life thanks to winnings from an online casino. As well as these huge wins, there have been other interesting stories that have occurred for gamblers this year.

Big Casino Wins

Have you ever heard of the slot Mega Moolah? If you don’t know then get to know! Mega Moolah has been responsible for many big payouts this year including the biggest which was a whopping £14.2 million!! A lucky unnamed punter really did win that amount of money on a slot game this year. What we do know is that the punter is from Sweden and that it broke the record for the biggest win Swedish casino history. “Somewhere deep down I think I believed in the dream all along, but when I won the jackpot I thought it was a joke. It was when LuckyCasino called me when I suddenly realised how different my life will be. I cannot put into words how happy I am.” said the lucky anonymous winner.

The next two biggest wins were also from JackpotCity Casino paid out £10.7 million to one lucky punter in May. It was incredibly coincidental that just one week later someone else won another £7.7 million on River Belle Casino. This total took the total winnings over £1.1 billion on Mega Moolah since it was developed. The run of luck on this game genuinely is incredible. This should surely be the slot that people go to play now after seeing the amount of money that they have given away. It was the progressive jackpot feature that led to the high number of winnings given away. 

Yggdrasil’s Empire Fortune paid out a whopping £4.2 million in May at Wildz online casino. This is yet another slot game with a progressive jackpot, are you starting to spot a pattern yet? Empire Fortune is similar to another game from Yggdrasil called Joker Millions. Together, those two games have paid out over £39 million since they were formed. They have had many big global jackpot through the years so it should not be a surprise to see them right near the top of this list.


The use of cryptocurrency has absolutely skyrocketed in 2020. It has been unbelievably popular amongst internet entrepreneurs with Bitcoin’s value in particular especially soaring. The Bitcoin exchange value has changed since the start of the year with it almost doubling. What this means for gamblers is that there are more secure ways for punters to deposit. Bitcoin has got a reputation for being incredibly secure with their payments. This could be something we see even more of in 2021. With the popularity of cryptocurrency soaring, it is not likely that this will slow down anytime soon. This will not just be the ways for casinos though, it will also be like this for most online transactions.


Lots of People Bet on the Election

It may come as a surprise to know that you can bet on politics these days. The 2020 American Presidential Election caused a lot of people to place a bet on who they thought would win. The possible outcomes were either Democrat Joe Biden to win and become the new president or whether Republican Donald Trump would remain in office for another four years. These odds fluctuated a lot during the time of the election. Biden started at 2/5 odds-on favourite but drifted out to as far as 5/2 at one point during voting. Of course, Trump’s odds went in the opposite direction to Biden’s whenever there was a drift.

There were lots of markets though, not just a straight win. You can bet on number of points won by, states won by each president, or even Trump to win on a state he had lost on the previous election. This is very different to the usual sport or casino markets that are available. It can be fun to bet on politics like this, but ultimately, it probably will not give you the same thrill as playing your favourite casino game would.


Global Pandemic Increased Online Casino Use

You will all be familiar with the coronavirus pandemic (well unless you have lived under a rock for the last year or so) but how exactly has it impacted online casinos? Well, it has actually driven an increase of custom in most online casinos. If you think about it though, it does make sense. Brick and mortar casinos have been closed during the lockdown periods, so punters would have had to play their favourite slot or blackjack games online. A fair sized proportion of this would come from professional gamblers. They will need to make their living by gambling, so would have had to go online for this, if they were not already. Adding to this, many online casinos understood the severity of the times so offered out bonuses and free spins to help people play. Despite all the things that have changed during the pandemic, online casinos have remained relatively unchanged.



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