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With online casinos growing in popularity, the market has a number of competitors. There is a wide range of casinos to choose from. With a vast array of casinos to choose from the decision can be difficult. Many things need to be considered when choosing. A good indicator you can use to see which are the better ones is by judging the highest user rated casinos. This is essentially the ratings given from players who have played on these casinos before.

Our Highest User Rated Casinos

Jazzy Spins Casino Review
No Withdrawal Limit
PayPal Available
Loyalty Program
110% Up To £50
50 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 8.8 out of 10 Bonuses 9.5/10 Cash Out Policy 9.5/10 Game Selection 8/10 User Experience 7/10 Mobile Support 9/10 Customer Service 10/10
Avenger Slots Casino Review
Variety of Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
500 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 5.2 out of 10 Bonuses 5.1/10 Cash Out Policy 5/10 Game Selection 5.4/10 User Experience 5.7/10 Mobile Support 5.1/10 Customer Service 5.1/10
PlayGrand Casino Review
24hr Support
Games Providers
Well Presented
Up To £1000
100 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 8.2 out of 10 Bonuses 7/10 Cash Out Policy 8/10 Game Selection 8.5/10 User Experience 9/10 Mobile Support 9/10 Customer Service 7.5/10
Big Thunder Slots Casino Review
Software Providers
Selection of Games
Responsive Customer Service
Up To 500
Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 7.3 out of 10 Bonuses 7/10 Cash Out Policy 7.5/10 Game Selection 7/10 User Experience 7/10 Mobile Support 8/10 Customer Service 7.5/10
Casoola Casino Review
Selection of Games
Live Chat
100% Up To £100
200 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 8.1 out of 10 Bonuses 8/10 Cash Out Policy 8/10 Game Selection 7.4/10 User Experience 9/10 Mobile Support 8.5/10 Customer Service 7.5/10

What is the Purpose of a Casino Review?

A casino review is there to give feedback of an online casino provider, so other players can get an idea of its pros and cons. The highest user-rated casinos are likely to be the best casinos out there to play on as the views are non-biased, reliable and independent from the proprietor. When reading a review the minimum you’ll expect is an honest reflection and for it to be true and fair.

A casino review should also be in-depth, insightful and accurate. A star rating is helpful as it can quickly identify whether the casino is good or not. However, it’s recommended that you read the full review and understand why the rating has been given to gain a true understanding. A good review will also give some recommendations on how to play the games on the site efficiently.

Are Highest User Rated Casinos fair to Trust?

When it comes to leaving a review on a casino, it may not always be fair to listen to reviews from users. If someone had a bad experience at a certain casino and ended up losing a lot of money then it is likely that they could leave a bad review of the casino even though the casino had done nothing wrong. Reviews should have fair criticisms of the site. Whether the person reviewing has had a bad experience or not, it should not impact the review they leave. This can work both ways though, as if a player enjoys a big win on their first casino then they will be more likely to leave a positive review. Ultimately, a review can only tell you so much about what the casino is like. You will find out more yourself from playing it but a review is a good starting point.

What should you Look For in a Casino Review?

If you’re looking online for a casino review then it is often a fair assumption that you want to begin playing at an online casino. You’re probably aware of the basic casino knowledge such as some of the games that are available to play and the welcome offer for new players. When you’re looking for a casino review make sure that the source you are reading the review from is reliable. The CasinoRange website has a wide variety of casino reviews that are all reliable. Our team takes the time to ensure that all information given in our reviews is accurate, fair and to the point.

When you look for a casino review it is always best to make sure that the casino in question is licenced. If a casino is not licenced then it is likely that they could be unreliable. All reliable casinos have been licenced by the UKGC so the casino review should specify this. At CasinoRange, we only review the very best, licenced casinos so you can be sure that when you read one of our reviews that the casino is safe to play with. We have to be impressed enough by a casino to feel like it is good enough to warrant a review on the website.

More Casinos Highly Rated by Users

Karamba Casino Review
UKGC License
Variety of Games
Mobile Friendly
100% Up To £50
100 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 9.1 out of 10 Bonuses 8.7/10 Cash Out Policy 9.1/10 Game Selection 9.2/10 User Experience 9.2/10 Mobile Support 9.1/10 Customer Service 9.1/10
PokerStars Casino Review
Renowned & Trusted
Extensive Providers
Over 1300 games
No Deposit 150 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 9.1 out of 10 Bonuses 9.5/10 Cash Out Policy 9.5/10 Game Selection 8.5/10 User Experience 8.5/10 Mobile Support 9/10 Customer Service 9.5/10
Mayfair Casino Review
Welcome Bonus
Game Selection
100% Up To £400
175 Free Spins
Trust Range Rating 9 out of 10 Bonuses 9.4/10 Cash Out Policy 8.6/10 Game Selection 9.4/10 User Experience 9.3/10 Mobile Support 8.7/10 Customer Service 8.7/10
Grosvenor Casino Review
Low Wagering
Loyalty Program
Up To £400 Bonus on Classic Slots
Trust Range Rating 9 out of 10 Bonuses 8.9/10 Cash Out Policy 8.8/10 Game Selection 9/10 User Experience 9/10 Mobile Support 9/10 Customer Service 9.4/10


Casino reviews are a great way to get a feel of a site before you start playing on it. Ultimately though, it is always down to the player to know what they are looking for. You will only get a true feel for the site if you play on it yourself. The highest user-rated casinos are a good way to point you in the direction for which ones are generally better than others though. When it comes to the finer details it should be down to personal preference about which casinos are better than others.

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