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We’re here to guide you in finding the best live casino online experience possible. Live casino games are amongst the most popular and innovative form of casino action today. With enhanced technology, playing live dealer games is an experience similar to going to a land-based casino, only much more convenient as you can do it remotely from the comforts of your home. And with the added convenience of playing online against real dealers, it’s no surprise that live casino gaming is beloved. Watching each turn of the cards or spin of the wheel is a thrill. Seeing them take place with real money on the line is even more of a fun. With more live online casinos becoming available, it’s essential to know as much as possible before you start playing online.

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What are Live Online Casinos?

Any newcomers in the online casino world may wonder what playing ‘Live’ means. New cutting-edge technology has enabled online casino providers to provide the best land-based casino experience to online players. webcast real-life games with actual dealers dealing the cards in traditional casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat, or spinning the wheel in Roulette games. With every decision made, bets, and hands running almost instantly between the Dealers and the players on their desktop or mobile, Live online casino games are extremely fun as it is highly interactive and makes you feel like you are in a real casino.

Live Casino

How to choose a live casino

There are so many things to consider when choosing a live casino. Everyone wants to play at the best live dealer casino, but that title could mean different things to each individual. For some, it means the ability to play games on their phone. To others, it means the ability to play for high stakes with significant tables limits. But no matter what it means to you individually, players should think about the following criteria before making a decision.

Which of the below criteria players prioritise to choose the right live casino is up to them. First, selecting a trusted brand in the online casino world is a great place to start.Doing so will provide a better first experience with the genre, which will mean more excitement in the future. From there, picking and choosing based on personal preferences will narrow down your options.

Casinorange can help you find the best live casino depending on your preferences. With our complete online casino reviews, we have made it easy for you to find which one suits you best.

Let’s also not forget the fact that there is real money on the line. There will understandably be excitement about facing a live dealer, but managing your wagers effectively is still vital. Making consistently sized bets that are within your budget is the way to maximize profitability and minimise risk.

The Pros and Cons of Live Casinos

Advantages of a Live Casino

  • Real-time gaming and Live Dealers

  • Better bonuses than in real casinos

  • Good selection and renewal of games

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • Protection of personal information and data

  • Live chat feature

Disadvantages of a Live Casino

  • Can be slow

  • Other players impact the timing of the game

  • Limited range of games

  • Costly to run for casinos

  • Technical issues may arise during gameplay

  • Studio stream

Live casino bonuses

One of the first things that a player will encounter when they choose a live casino is its bonuses and promotions. These are meant to grab a player’s attention and entice them to start playing. But, as one would expect, not all live casino bonuses are created equal. Some are meant for casual players, while others are meant for high rollers. Understanding which bonuses will work best for you is vital to having the best possible live casino experience.

Some sites offer general casino bonuses that can be used at live casinos, while others offer live casino-specific bonuses. Which of those bonuses work best for a player depends on which types of games they like to play. If you wish to play both live casino games and other casino games, you may want a more versatile bonus. But if you are a live casino enthusiast through and through, a live casino bonus may be more useful for you.

The first step to developing an understanding of live casino bonuses is to understand the types of bonuses that are offered. The most common is the deposit bonus. This is where players get either a percentage of their deposit as a bonus or a set amount of funds. Many of the top casino live dealer sites will offer this to their new players by matching their first deposit. To many, this is considered the best live casino bonus.

Some sites instead offer matched bet bonuses. These bonuses afford players a casino credit that matches their live casino wagers up to a certain amount. They are ideal for players who were already planning on using the live casino by providing an added value.

There are also plenty of promotions that go along with live casino bonuses that can be exciting. Some sites may offer progressive jackpots on their wheel-based live casino games, for example. Others may offer increased payouts on certain game outcomes during special periods. All of these promotions make live casino gaming more exciting as a whole. The challenge from there is choosing which promotions to take advantage of.

Players should also be sure to take a look at the terms and conditions of each bonus they are interested in. Doing so makes sure that players can both utilize a bonus and cash out its funds later on. Terms and conditions contain rules that must be followed when using a live casino bonus. Included in those rules are any wagering requirements players must abide by. They also include the games that bonus funds are eligible to be wagered on and other relevant information.

Mobile live casino gaming

Mobile live casino gaming continues to grow in popularity. Mobile Live Casino Players have the ability to take their games wherever they go. This adds a layer of convenience to the sites that offer it. As a result, many of the best live casinos offer mobile live dealer games. For players who don’t like to be restricted on where they can play, these sites are often the best choice.

There is plenty to consider when it comes to choosing mobile live dealer casinos. Device compatibility is chief among those factors. A site can have the best live casino in the world, but that is meaningless if it doesn’t work on your device. Some casino sites are only compatible with iPhones, for example. Making sure that a site has live casino technology compatible with your phone or tablet is the first thing you should do when picking a live dealer site.

Players should also decide if they want to play on an app or mobile site. Some live casinos are offered on dedicated mobile apps. While these are often designed specifically for the device being used, there can be shortcomings as well. The use of a casino app requires a device to have enough storage space for the app. It also involves data usage to download said app. Some players prefer accessing live casinos via a mobile web browser to avoid those concerns.

Once you’ve figured out which casinos are compatible with your device, user experience is the key. Even if a casino offers live casino gaming for your device, it needs to run smoothly. The ability to access buttons easily and get to each game quickly is essential. And, of course, the mechanics of placing bets need to be flawless on all of your devices. These are the details that separate the top live casinos from the rest of the pack.

 Live Casino Safety and security

Information security is paramount anywhere on the internet today, thanks to all of the personal information we put out there. The live casino industry is no exception, as sites need to make sure that their players’ information is secure. Fortunately, playing at the best live casinos generally means that security is not a concern.

A big reason for the peace of mind at top live casinos is regulation. When a casino is licensed and regulated, it is required to uphold security standards to maintain that status. This often means encryption of financial transactions and database security to protect other personal information. A site’s reputation can often spell out when seemingly obvious items like data security aren’t ideal at a site. That is why reading live casino reviews is often a good idea.


Live online casinos are online gambling platforms where you can play casino table games remotely but in real time and from a casino table shown via a live streaming video link. It’s the closest and realest casino action you can get online: games are played with a live dealer and are streamed from either dedicated studios or from brick and mortar casinos. Online players interact with the live dealer through the Chat option and can bet on their device.

When a casino is licensed and regulated, it is required to uphold security standards to maintain that status. This often means encryption of financial transactions and database security to protect other personal information. Live Online Casinos are no exception, as sites need to make sure that their players’ information is secure.

You can access Live Online Casinos on both desktop and mobile devices.

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