Piranha Pays Slot

Piranha Pays Slot
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Published Date · March 27, 2024 · Last Updated · March 27, 2024
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Piranha Pays Slot Review

Piranha Pays Slot Overview

Piranha Pays from Play’n GO tells the heartwarming tale of a solitary pensioner (who appears to have wandered into the slot-o-sphere directly from the movie Up) living a quiet life alone with his memories, TV, and fish tank. What could possibly disturb this tranquility? Surely not the latest little fishy added to the tank. Unless, of course, that new addition is a rabid Piranha…Hats off to the developer for coming up with such an original theme, and the gameplay isn’t too bad either. Those joining “Carl” for a cup of tea will find a slot crammed with random multipliers, Instant Wins, and an expanding grid Free Spins Bonus complete with a ravenous Wandering Wild Piranha. Get on the right sight of this freshwater fiend, and you may gobble up a 5,000x max win!

Piranha Pays Slot Details











5,000 x

Software Provider

Play'n GO



Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Free Spins, Multiplier

In the increasingly saturated world of online slots, developers must think outside the box to stand out. Play’n GO rarely have much trouble in that regard and has delivered yet another off-the-wall delight. From the opening sequence to the Expanding Wild frenzy of free spins, we were thoroughly charmed by the theme. Happily, the gameplay also delivers. At first glance, the lack of special symbols may hurt the base game, but boredom never raises its head thanks to the random Multiplier Wins and Mystery Prizes - before it all kicks off in the Free Spins Bonus. Watching the grid and Piranha Wild grow to increasingly monstrous proportions is a treat and all but guarantees a solid win as soon as that fiendish fish hits the 3x3 stage. Take a bite out of this one, and we suspect you may return for another helping!


Random Multipliers

Free Spins with Expanding Grid

Imaginative Theme


Slightly Complicated Gameplay

Variable RTPs

How To Play Piranha Pays Slot

piranha pays base
Base game
piranha pays winning combination
Winning combination
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)




Piranha Pays Basic Rules

  • Piranha Pays bears its teeth on a 5x4 game grid, set within the less-than-fearsome surroundings of the geriatric gentleman's front room
  • There are 30 paylines on offer
  • Payouts are produced by landing three or more connecting, matching symbols on any of the 30 paylines from left to right, beginning at reel one

Piranha Pays Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the paying symbols you'll find in Piranha Pays:

3 Symbols
4 Symbols
5 Symbols
piranha pays j
piranha pays q
piranha pays k
piranha pays a
piranha pays jammy dodger
Jammy Dodger
piranha pays cake
piranha pays fried egg
Fried Egg
piranha pays pie
piranha pays meat

Piranha Pays Slot Paylines

Here's a guide to all the paylines on offer in Piranha Pays:

Piranha Pays- Slot
Every winning line in Piranha Pays

Piranha Pays Slot Features

Win Multipliers

Keep an eye on the empty jar above the reels. On any spin, a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, or 10x multiplier may randomly appear in this glass receptacle. Whenever this occurs, the displayed multiplier will apply to all wins for that spin.

Mystery Win

Landing a Piranha on reel one and a Scatter on reel three, but no Scatter on Reel 5 signals a near miss in terms of triggering the bonus round. Never fear slot fans, for all is not lost. Whenever this occurs, you may randomly benefit from an Instant Win of 5x, 10x, 15x, or 20x the total bet.

Piranha Pays Slot Bonus Features

Piranha Pays (Play'n GO) 2
Free Spins Bonus
Piranha Pays (Play'n GO) 3
Level three

Free Spins Bonus

Cans of Spinach act as the Scatters of the game. Land a Piranha on reel one and a Can of Spinach on reels three and five, and you will be off into the bonus round armed with 10 free spins.

Free spins begin on an expanded 5x5 grid and feature a 1x1 Piranha Wild, which will move to a new position on every free spin. In addition to substituting for all standard symbols to help create winning combinations, the Piranha Wild will gobble up any Spinach Can which spins into view. Eaten cans move to the collection meter above the grid. You will begin at level one and move to the next level for every third Spinach Can collected. Each level features an expanded grid, increasingly monstrous Piranha Wild, and more paylines, as follows:

  • Level one: 5x5 grid, 35 paylines, 1x1 Piranha Wild
  • Level two: 5x6 grid, 40 paylines, 2x2 Piranha Wild
  • Level three: 5x7 grid, 45 paylines, 3x3 Piranha Wild
  • Level four: 5x8 grid, 50 paylines, 4x4 Piranha Wild

Manage to collect three Spinach Cans at Level 4, and you will win the 5,000x max prize!

All of that, and the random multiplier is also active during the Free Spins Bonus.

Our Verdict A wonderfully executed Free Spins Bonus, which comes with real bite. Things begin relatively slowly, but it may not take long for the ever-expanding grid and enormous Piranha Wild to send the big win potential into overdrive!

Play Piranha Pays Demo for Free

Want to play for free first without staking real money? Try out the Piranha Pays slot demo in free play! Embark on free play demo-exclusive adventures with online slot demos, where players can enjoy features not offered in real-money play. When you play for free you can take your time to learn how the game works, preparing you for real-money gaming as best as possible.

Piranha Pays Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

The top-end Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.20% pokes a fin above the industry-average RTP of 96%.

Any game with the word Piranha in the title implies a slightly hair-raising experience, and Piranha Pays doesn’t disappoint. Falling into the high volatility category, you should expect a few ups and downs and a better chance of a big win in a short session than games lower on the volatility ladder.

Our Verdict The top-end RTP of 96.20% is generous for a game of this rating. However, an alternative setting of 94.20% is also available. The RTP setting in use at your online casino of choice should always be listed in the information section of the game. Given the theme, the high volatility setting is the best fit.

Piranha Pays Slot Graphics & Audio


Settings don’t come much more sedate than the front room of an elderly gentleman. The OAP staples of photographs on the wall, digestive biscuits, reading glasses, and a grandfather clock are all in evidence.

The old fellow dozes peacefully in his armchair, blissfully unaware of the chaos unfolding in his fish tank where the game takes place.

The excited animations accompanying wins and special symbols add a welcome dynamic element to the grid.

We also enjoyed the Polaroid picture opening sequence, which sheds a little light on how this rather bizarre situation came to be.

piranha pays base game
Base game spins
piranha pays base win
Wins in the base game
Piranha Pays (Play'n GO) 1
Scatter symbols on the reels
Piranha Pays (Play'n GO) 4
Ultra big win


The backing audio is perfectly attuned to the cosy setting, as the record player in the corner churns out piano-led lounge music that will soon have you sinking a little further into your seat.

The fishtank reels arrive with a satisfying slosh, interspersed with clanks, thuds, and disconcerting chomping sounds.

Our Verdict Top marks to Play’n GO for a wonderful presentation of a refreshingly imaginative theme. The graphics provide a great mix of calm and action, all portrayed in an endearing cartoonish style. An old man and a piranha couldn’t have been the easiest of assignments for the sound team, but by leaning into the elderly element, they have successfully added a soothingly calm undertone to the mix.

Piranha Pays Slot on Mobile

The product of Play’n GO’s Piranha-fueled imagination is available to play on all small-screen devices. Thanks to the latest mobile-friendly technology, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile users will find all the gameplay, graphics, and features intact.

Piranha Pays

Piranha Pays FAQs

Where can I play Piranha Pays slot for free?

You can play the Piranha Pays slot demo for free on CasinoRange before staking real money at an online casino.

What is the RTP for Piranha Pays slot?


Are there free spins in Piranha Pays slot?

Yes - the slot's Free Spins Bonus gives you at least 10 free spins.

How much can I stake on Piranha Pays slot?

The slot has a max bet limit of £50.


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