9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot
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Published Date · July 4, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 20, 2024
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9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Review

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Overview

When playing many slots, it can sometimes feel like the game is all about the Bonus Round. In 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot, experienced online slot developer Wazdan take this concept to the extreme – this game really is ALL about the bonus round! 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot occupies a unique position on the slots landscape, in that no wins of any description are possible in the base game, which functions solely as a vehicle to make it through to the Hold The Jackpot Bonus Game. However, a trip into the bonus round can be well worth the wait, as the screen becomes laden with all manner of Special Symbols – potentially leading to a 500x max win!

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Details











500 x

Software Provider




Design and Layout

3 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Multiplier

Wazdan deserves top marks for imagination in producing a slot which foregoes all standard symbols and base game wins. But truth be told, there are many slots in which the base game isn’t up to all that much, and 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot at least delivers a bonus round worth the wait. The Hold and Win system may not be anything new, but by cramming in two types of Mystery Symbol, Jackpots, and a Collector/Multiplier icon, the round certainly isn’t short on excitement. The other major selling point of the game – in common with many other releases from this developer – is the adjustable volatility rating, which enables you to find the sweet spot between risk and reward which suits you best. On the downside, the max win of 500x is probably fine for those selecting the low volatility setting, but a little disappointing at high volatility.


Hold The Jackpot Bonus Round

Adjustable Volatility Setting

Sticky Cash Infinity Symbols


No Wins in Base Game

Low Max Win

How To Play 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot

9 coins base
Base game
9 coins special symbol
Infinity Coin appears on the reels
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)


9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Basic Rules

  • The game takes place on a 3x3 layout residing somewhere in outer space
  • Each of the nine positions features its own individual reel, which will spin to reveal either a blank or a special symbol
  • In the base game, the only row which matters is the central row - handily highlighted in an attractive frame
  • Land three Special Symbols of any type on this row, and you will be shooting off into the Hold The Jackpot Bonus Game – guaranteeing yourself a win
  • There are no regular symbols in the base game, and prizes can only be won through the bonus round

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Paytable & Symbols

There are four types of special symbol you'll come across in 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot's base game:

  • Cash Symbol - A gold coin with a cash value attached, worth 1x-5x your stake
  • Infinity Coin - Sticky symbols worth 5x-10x your stake
  • Collector Symbol - Accumulates all values from Cash Symbols and Infinity Coins, multiplying them by 1x-9x your stake
  • Mystery Symbol - Can turn into one of the other bonus symbols

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Features

With no wins being possible in the base game, the effects of the Special Symbols only kick into gear in the Bonus Round, with one exception…

Infinity Cash Symbols

These special Red Coins are the only symbols which become sticky in the base game. Whenever they land, they will remain locked in place until the Bonus Round triggers. This feature can be particularly handy if they land on the central row, as it increases your chances of reaching the Bonus Round on subsequent spins.

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Bonus Features

9 coins bonus unlocked
Bonus unlocked
9 coins bonus round
Re-spins in action

Hold the Jackpot Bonus

Whenever you trigger the Hold The Jackpot Game, all central row symbols, plus any Infinity Cash Symbols in view, will lock in place before the Bonus Round begins.

The bonus round then follows a familiar “Hold and Win” format and sees you start with three re-spins. On each re-spin, all unoccupied positions will reveal either a blank or a Special Symbol. Land all blanks, and you will lose a spin, but each time a new Special Symbol lands, your re-spin tally will reset to three.

In the bonus round, ALL symbols become sticky and will remain frozen in place until the end of the round. Now let's take a look at the Special Symbols available and their various features:

  • Gold Coins: Contain a prize of 1x-5x the total bet.
  • Infinity Coins: Contain a prize of 5x-10x the total bet.
  • Jackpot Coins: Contain one of the following three jackpots:
  • Mini: 10x the total bet.
  • Minor: 20x the total bet.
  • Major: 50x the total bet.
  • Treasure Chest: Will collect all Cash and Infinity Cash values in view and apply a random multiplier of between 1x and 9x to the total.
  • Mystery: Will reveal any symbol other than an Infinity Coin.
  • Jackpot Mystery: Will reveal a Mini, Minor or Major Jackpot Coin.

The round continues until you run out of spins, or all nine positions contain a Special Symbol.

If you run out of spins, the values of all prizes in view will be totaled and added to your balance.

However, should you manage to fill all nine positions, you will forfeit the prizes in view and instead be handed the Grand Jackpot of 500x your stake

Bonus Buy

For players who want to move straight into the Hold The Jackpot Game, the following four Bonus Buy options are available in some jurisdictions:

  • Low: Bonus Round triggers with 2x Gold Coins and 1x Infinity Coin. – Cost 50x.
  • Standard: Bonus Round triggers with 1x Gold Coin, 1x Infinity Coin and 1x Mystery Symbol. – Cost 75x
  • High: Bonus Round triggers with 2x Infinity Coins and 1x Mystery Symbol. – Cost 100x
  • Extreme: Bonus Round triggers with 2x Infinity Coins, 1x Mystery Symbol, and 1x Jackpot Mystery Symbol. Cost – 150x.

This feature is unavailable to UK players.

Our Verdict: The mechanics of the Bonus Round will be familiar to anyone with experience of a Hold and Win style feature. However, this game does it better than many, thanks to the variety of symbols on offer, with the Treasure Chests, in particular, helping to ramp up the win potential.

Play 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Demo for Free

Take the opportunity to try out the 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot demo for free first without staking real money. Playing the slot demo for free gives you ample opportunity to learn how a slot works before you stake real money. Try the slot demo in order to explore bonus features that might be harder to unlock in real-money play.

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot comes with a fixed Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.06%.

One of the more interesting features of this game is the adjustable volatility setting, meaning you are free to tailor the slot to suit your gaming preferences. Simply click the Pepper Icon below the reels and select one of the following three settings:

  • 1 Pepper: Low volatility. The feature will trigger more often, but the average prize will be smaller.
  • 2 Peppers: Medium volatility. A balanced setting which sees a better chance of mid and high-value prizes.
  • 3 Peppers: High volatility. On average, you will need to wait longer for the feature to trigger, but the average prizes will be higher.
Our Verdict: The RTP rating may only be slightly above average, but that still gets a tick in our book. We also appreciated the adjustable volatility of the game, which adds a nice dose of variety and replayability. The customisable options don’t end there either, as you can also control the speed of the reels via the tortoise, hare, and panther options.

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot Graphics & Audio


Coins in space may not be the most immediately immersive theme, but the visual presentation is well up to scratch. The dark blues of the background provide a suitably stellar setting and contrast nicely with the gleaming gold of the game symbols. The clashing coins animation, which greets the start of the feature, adds a sense of drama and excitement, whilst during the round, the symbols glitter and glow spectacularly.

9 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 1
Jackpot symbol on the reels
9 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 3
20 coin win
9 Coins Hold the Jackpot (Wazdan) 4
14 coin win


Relaxation is the order of the day with the soundtrack, as gently escalating techno beats and plucked strings suggest a serene journey through the galaxy. The traditional thuds and clicks of the reel effects recall a classic arcade-style slot but are livened up whenever a bonus trigger is close – at which point the game sounds as though it is about to take off and set sail for the stars.

Our Verdict: As ever with Wazdan, everything is produced to an impressively high standard. There isn’t a whole lot going on with the theme here, but we like coins, and we like space, and the combination of the two works surprisingly well.

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot Slot on Mobile

Wazdan can be relied upon to produce games which are fully optimised for the small screen, and 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot doesn’t disappoint. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you will find that the desktop experience transfers seamlessly to your mobile device.

9 Coins

9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot FAQs

Who made 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot?

The slot was developed by Wazdan.

Can I play 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is playable on all iOS and Android devices.

What is the RTP for 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot slot?


How much can I win playing 9 Coins: Hold the Jackpot?

The slot pays out up to 500x your stake.


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