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Keno is a game which dates back hundreds of years. It is simple to play and involves picking numbers which will be drawn from a lottery like system. There are 80 balls in total with each ball having a different number between 1-80. Players have the chance to pick up to 20 numbers and wager on which gets drawn in the next game. Payouts in keno get based on how many numbers which the player has chosen that get called. The more numbers picked, the more chance of a big win. The more money staked, the more the player will get back after a successful spin. If a player picks six numbers and three get called, they will get more than if they picked nine numbers and three get called.

In many ways, keno is similar to what many people know as the National Lottery. You are relying on balls getting drawn which are on a list to win money! Of course, the potential in a big event like the National Lottery is far greater than keno, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy it. The game originated from China and rumours are that it was played when the Beijing Wall was being built. The game was brought to USA in the 1800s and that is where it really started to take off in popularity.

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