Top Sports Betting Influencers To Follow For Best Results

Top Sports Betting Influencers To Follow For Best Results

Published Date · May 12, 2022 · Last Updated · Dec. 14, 2022 ·Read Time · 7 mins

The history of sports betting discussions on national television have a unique past from almost being too taboo to talk about to having its own dedicated channels. These initial conversations were led by Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder during Sunday morning pregame shows for the NFL. Sports betting has never been more popular than it is today and seems to grow more and more as the days go on. This growth includes expansion into several media outlets and channels. Top sportsbook operators like DraftKings and FanDuel even have their own streaming channels. The history of sports betting discussions in the media must be analyzed to understand how we got to this point.

American Sports Analysts

Also known as ASA Inc. American Sports Analysts has been owned and operated by Lee Kostroski & Mike Merlet with a combined 50+ years in the sports betting industry. Formed in 1997, ASAmaintains a large database with power rankings that differ from the rest to make sure that their patrons have the best edge. ASA strictly bets on what’s known as the “Big 6”, which is NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, and NHL.

Ben Burns

A professional sports handicapper at Covers Experts, Burns has been mentioned as being at the top of his field, finding immediate success in the sports betting industry at a young age. He was mentioned in a high profile newspaper for an accurate prediction of a trade that went down before the MLB trade deadline at the age of 11. He hasn’t slowed down since then, having one of the best pick records in the industry. He bets on the Big 6 as well as Soccer, MMA, and CFL if the wager provides value.

Al McMordie

There may not be a more awarded sports bettor in the country than McMordie, who has won 43 handicapping awards since 1993. He’s been featured in ESPN Magazine and has been on many TV shows. While his individual game selections are very solid, he’s made a great name for himself in predicting the champion for a sport, most recently for Baylor to win the NCAAB Men’s Championship in 2021. McMordie wagers on the Big 6 as well as the Triple Crown races.

Dan Kaiser

Also known as “The Professor”, due to the fact that he was previously a teacher, Kaiser takes his intelligence and applies it to handicap more efficiently and to better understand the games he is betting on. With over 25 years in the industry, he has connections with oddsmakers which help him get a constant edge on the books. Kaiser bets on the Big 6 with a heavy emphasis on College Football.

Joe Osborne

Osborne, a member of OddsShark, while a sports fan, eliminates any biases he may have to give bettors all the data needed in order to place a smart wager. He relies heavily on the numbers to reduce as much risk as possible for each of his sport selections. He tries to be unique with his picks as his goal is to provide insights not found anywhere else. Osborne focuses on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC.

Steve Janus

Part of Sports Capping Network, Janus has consistently been ranked at the top of his field in the past few years, specifically ranking in the top 10 overall in 2016, 2017, and 2019. While he does follow traditional handicapping methods, he is always looking into new strategies to improve. Long story short, he knows the best underdogs when he sees them.

Bill Young

Part of Black Widow Sports, Young started sports betting in 1997, where he made over $20,000 on college basketball, football, and NFL betting. Once he realized this was his calling, he decided to start sharing his picks with the masses. However, Young does not make his picks lightly, as his minimum bet wager is $5,000. Because of this, each pick is heavily researched and heavily favored by Young’s expertise. Black Widow specializes in basketball and football but also has had success in the MLB.

Jack Jones

Jones, who works for BetFirm, has many years of experience in the sports betting industry with some of the most elite names in Vegas. While he dabbles in just about all the major sports, his main expertise is in football. Combined, Jones is 528-441 since 2015. Whether your play is more short or long term, Jones has the potential to be the best of both worlds.

Kyle Hunter

Owner of Kyle Hunter Sports Picks, Hunter has quickly made his name known in the industry. He was named Handicapper of the Decade by Capper Reviews and doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Hunter has had number one finishes in both the MLB and NFL as well as 2 number one finishes in college basketball. While on a red hot streak in the MLB, he has success in every sport he touches.

The Sharp Plays

In addition to being found on Twitter, The Sharp Plays can also be found on their site with the same namesake. Not only does The Sharp Plays provide excellent picks with 100% transparency, but they also provide loads of educational information to make you a better wagerer. The Sharp Play is an amazing visit if you’re new to the sports betting and handicapping industry.

Dead President Picks

Found on Twitter or their website, DPP provides a good selection of both free and paid subscription picks. They specialize in MoneyLine and Spread picks for Basketball and Football (pro and collegiate). Where they find their niche is in the baseball market. Not only do they supply MLB picks, but they also have success with the Korean Baseball Organization, which is hard to find for sports betting influencers.

Sharp Selections

The team over at Sharp Selections is a bit more specialized than the main sports bettors in America as they focus on PGA, Hockey (both the NHL and European), and Soccer. They provide daily recaps of the picks they made throughout the day, and all of their main picks are free. A Google Sheet is constantly updated to provide an up to date table of all their picks for complete transparency.

John Martin

Looking to get started in basketball and NBA betting? Then Martin is your guy, ranking in the top 10 for handicappers in 4 out of the last 6 years. He even had a number 1 finish for the NBA in the 2016-2017 season. His total basketball record sits at 3187-2839 with a 53% win percentage. In fact, in all sports he bets on, his win percentage is anywhere between 53%-56%.

Jeff Hochman

While Hochman may not have a handful of picks available for bettors every day, he prides himself on a high winning percentage. He keeps his winners alive by being selective with his picks. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, he’s been the number one handicapper for NHL bets for 5 different years. If you want a person to follow that bets a little and wins a lot, Hochman is the right guy to follow.

Bobby Wing

If you’re looking for a jack of all trades for your sports betting following, Wing may be a good fit for you. Primarily focused on Basketball and MLB, all of Wang’s picks range in the 51%-55% winning percentage. Wing is a bit more old school, relying on late news, roster, and weather updates in order to gauge best bets. Wing also makes wagers on the WNBA, which is hard to find in the industry.

Jeff Alexander

If you’re looking for a safety net with your sports betting picks, Alexander is a pretty solid bet. When you purchase one of his packages, he guarantees a profit or else you’ll get his next package absolutely free. He’s been a top 5 basketball bettor in regards to all-time profits as well as finishing in the top 10 for the NBA in 8 different seasons. He also ranks as a top 10 college basketball bettor all time as well.

Bobby Conn

Conn prides himself on being the best of both worlds in the sports betting industry. Many in the industry with around a 54% win rate are selective about their picks. Conn, however, has the win rate and is a high volume bettor. Besides betting on the Big 6, he also bets on UFC, Soccer, NASCAR, WNBA, PGA, Tennis, and more. If there’s a sport out there, there’s a good chance that Conn has bet on it. A lot of his success he attributes to MLB betting, where he finds most of his wins.

Rob Vinciletti

The 2019 NBA and College Football handicapper champion, Vinciletti has been in the industry for 24 years. Being in the industry for that long means that you must be doing something right. He is one of the most consistent bettors in essentially all sports on a year by year basis. His largest sport of success is in the NHL, with a 59% winning percentage with an overall win percentage of 56% across all sports he wagers on.

Tokyo Brandon

If you’re looking for more of a niche sports bettor with a successful track record overseas, then Tokyo Brandon is the guy to follow. Having previously been a scout in Japanese Baseball for an MLB team, Brandon knows the Asian baseball market inside and out. He specializes in betting on Japanese baseball while also wagering on Korean Baseball and occasionally College Basketball. Brandon is known as the best handicapper for Japanese baseball so if you’re looking to make some bets in that market, give Tokyo Brandon a look.

Kevin Dolan

Known as “The Irishman”, Dolan was the first foreigner to win the World Series of Handicapping in 2015. Since then, he’s written a best-selling sports betting book as well as winning two handicapping awards. He follows an analytical approach to make sure that his clients see long term profits in a substantial way. Dolan wagers on Soccer, NBA, NHL, Boxing, and other sports.


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