US Football Betting Explained

Dubbed ‘gridiron’ by its fans, American football has thrilled spectators since the 1860’s. Originally, American football evolved from a hodgepodge of soccer and rugby. The sport has since matured and developed into a collection of leagues and, since the legalization of interstate Sports betting in 2018, American Football betting enthusiasts have gained an interest in finding the most suitable way to place their NFL bets. The most popular professional American league of football, the NFL, draws in record attendance and sports bets year after year and owes over 30 million dollars in annual revenue to its brainchild, the Super Bowl. 

The Best Sportsbooks for American Football Betting

  • FanDuel Sportsbook

    First Bet Refund Up To $1,000

  • Betway Sports

    100% Up To $200

  • WynnBet

    100% Up To $1,000

  • Caesars Sportsbook

    First Bet Refund Up To $1,250

  • BetRivers

    First Bet Refund Up To $500

  • Twinspires Sports

    $100 Risk Free Bet

  • Borgata Sports

    Bet $20 Get $100

  • BetMGM

    $1,000 Risk Free Bet

  • SugarHouse

    First Bet Refund Up To $500

  • Unibet

    $100 Risk Free

Top 4 American Football Leagues That Win

American Football is made up of a library of leagues, but the majority of sports betting occurs within the NFL and NCAA leagues. The NFL is divided into two conferences. American Football fans can place sports bets on which teams from the NFC or the AFC will win each game. On a collegiate level, the NCAA is the only college league that you may legally place sports bets on. Other leagues, such as the NAIA, and the NJCAA have not yet entered the sports betting universe. 

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
    NCAA Football
  • NFC
  • AFC

American Football Events that Make you Money

Including college football games and championships, the top American football events that attract sports betters are; the NCAA Bowl Games, the NFL playoffs, and of course, the Super Bowl.

  • Super Bowl
    Super Bowl
  • NCAA Bowl Games
    NCAA Bowl Games
  • NFL Playoffs
    NFL Playoffs

Ready To Bet On American Football? 

American football not only maintains its timeless popularity in the spectating world, it’s also the most popular sport in the US to wager on. A simple search engine query can link potential gamers to their perfect legal Sportsbook site in their area. Online sportsbook betting legality varies from state to state. It’s important to check with the American Gaming Association’s website before engaging in local sports betting. The state of Pennsylvania, for example, has allowed sports betting since 2017. Since the overturn of PAPSA, most states have passed legislation to allow some form of local sports betting. Overall, American football is not complicated to bet on. A general grasp of the game’s rules is enough for you to successfully place a bet. A word of advice; if you are new to American football gaming, I would recommend you research the difference between decimal, fractional, and money line odds.

US Football Betting FAQs

Can you bet after an American Football match has started?

Yes. This is called ‘In-play betting’

How much money can you earn betting on College Football?

The answer to that is subjective. The amount of money you can earn on college football depends on how much you bet, the teams you bet on, the odds of your team winning, and how often you pick a winning team.

What does ‘Moneyline’ mean in American Football betting?

The definition of ‘Moneyline’ simply translates to a bet on which team will win the game.

How do you bet on American football?

NFL and college leagues utilize moneyline, total points, and handicap betting markets.

How do you find the best American Football odds?

Determining odds on games and championships involve multiple factors. 

Is football betting legal in the US?

The short answer is yes. Sportsbetting was originally illegal almost everywhere in the US except Nevada and some other states until around 2017- 2018.

Who makes the odds in American Football betting?

Put plainly, the teams essentially make the odds in American Football betting. Factors like team injuries, talent, and team line-ups can play a big role in betting odds. 

Is American Football easy to bet on?

Moneyline betting for American football is considered easy, but other markets can be more difficult.