US Baseball Betting Explained

Made popular due to its easy accessibility and limited instruments needed to play, baseball hails from stick-and-ball games that brought hours of enjoyment to Englishmen in the 18th century. In fact, the game was so treasured that it drifted across the pond. By the 19th century, the modernized version that we play today was recognized as the national sport of the United States. Growing in popularity, baseball is now a favorited sport of the United States, areas of South America, the Bahamas, and areas in the Asia-Pacific. While baseball is considered easy to play, baseball betting is considered one of the more complex sports in the online sports betting universe. That is why CasinoRange invites our readers to a tour around the bases of online baseball betting, leagues you can legally bet on, and some of the basics for beginners.

Best Sportsbooks to bet on Baseball

  • FanDuel Sportsbook

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  • Betway Sports

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  • WynnBet

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  • Caesars Sportsbook

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  • BetRivers

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  • Twinspires Sports

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  • Borgata Sports

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  • BetMGM

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  • SugarHouse

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  • Unibet

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Top 4 Baseball Leagues you can bet on

Much like other sports that are internationally loved, baseball has several leagues to choose from when placing sports bets. Popular US Leagues to place bets on are the MLB and the NCAA. International leagues such as the Nippon Professional league, the KBO League, and the Dominican Professional Baseball League are also popular in the United States to place baseball bets on.  

  • MLB
  • KBO
  • NCAA Baseball
  • Dominican Professional Baseball

Baseball Events you can bet on

Including international games and championships, the top baseball events that attract sports bettors are; Baseball’s World Series,The Premier 12 World Championship, and the World Baseball Classic.

  • Baseballs World Series
    Baseballs World Series
  • Premier 12 World Championship
    The Premier 12 World Championship
  • World Baseball Classic
    The World Baseball Classic

How do you bet on Baseball?  

Finding a legal online sportsbook in your area can be achieved by a simple search online. Most of the United States has legalized sports betting, but CasinoRange encourages its readers to confirm the local gaming referendums for your state. Baseball betting has gone through peaks and valleys in terms of legalization. Originally made illegal in the 1990’s due to scandals surrounding betting rings, baseball betting was not made legal again in the US until the 2000’s and was an uphill climb to the gaming liberties we have today.Unlike Football and Basketball, Baseball can be considered more technical and difficult to bet on. First, you have access to a deep well of data, making team and player statistics fascinating. Second, long seasons create interesting odds which can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Third, there is always the potential for a high payout if you are brave enough to bet on an underdog team. Baseball betting may be as easy as choosing a team to win a game – known as a ‘outright’ or’money line’ bet. During the Major League Baseball season, almost 2,000 games are played. As a result, there should never be a shortage of baseball odds to select from. You may also wager on the winners of the National League and American League or who will win the World Series. -suggestion

Baseball Betting Guide and Tips

Baseball Betting FAQs

How can you bet on baseball?

Fans can place baseball sports bets in person or online in authorized venues.

Can you bet on college baseball?

NCAA league baseball games are legal to place bets on in the United States.

Is baseball the easiest sport to bet on?

The popular opinion remains that horse racing is the easiest sport to bet on. Baseball betting can be complicated to bet on, largely due to the engagement in stats needed to place winning moneyline bets.

How do I place a bet on the World Series?

Placing a bet on the world series involves the same steps as placing a bet on any Major League Baseball game. Bettors must choose between in person or online betting, and whether to place a moneyline or total bet.

Is it legal to bet on baseball?

College and professional league baseball is legal to bet on in the US. Certain restrictions apply to some states.

Can MLB players bet on football?

While professional and college league players are not allowed to bet on their own sport, there are currently no regulations in place that restrict MLB athletes to bet on other sports.

How do I bet on MLB online?

In order to place a bet an online baseball bet, verify that online sports betting is legal in your state. Next, place a search for ‘legal MLB betting sites.’ Be sure to include your state name.