Basketball Betting Explained

Founded in 1898 and originating from Springfield, Massachusetts, basketball was a sport designed to dissuade athletes from outdoor activity during the winter months while decreasing the probability of injuries caused from American football. At first, this sport was played internationally at YMCA locations before attempting to rise to a professional level with the formation of the NBL, which was later abandoned to form the professional basketball league we know to be the NBA. Surprisingly, the popular sport that enthralls spectators and sports betters took about 24 years from the formation of its first professional league to begin gaining the popularity that it has today. Currently, fans primarily engage in wagering on college basketball betting and professional basketball betting. Unlike American football, basketball has a more international fanbase, which creates more universal popularity. Basketball betting is also notably more complicated regarding handicap betting and point spread betting, which we will discuss later in this article. 

The Best Sportsbooks to bet on Basketball

  • FanDuel Sportsbook

    First Bet Refund Up To $1,000

  • Betway Sports

    100% Up To $200

  • WynnBet

    100% Up To $1,000

  • Caesars Sportsbook

    First Bet Refund Up To $1,250

  • BetRivers

    First Bet Refund Up To $500

  • Twinspires Sports

    $100 Risk Free Bet

  • Borgata Sports

    Bet $20 Get $100

  • BetMGM

    $1,000 Risk Free Bet

  • SugarHouse

    First Bet Refund Up To $500

  • Unibet

    $100 Risk Free

Best Basketball Leagues you can bet on

Since the sport of basketball is internationally followed, there are more diverse league choices to place sports bets on. Professional basketball betting fans can choose teams from the NBA or the Euroleague on most online sports betting sites. College basketball sports betters are limited to US schools in the NCAA league. In terms of popularity, the following teams hold the top 5 place in their leagues: 

  • NBA
  • NCCA Basketball
    NCAA Basketball
  • Euroleague

Basketball Events you can bet on

Including international games and championships, the top American basketball events that attract sports betters are; the World Cup, Basketball at the Olympic Games, and the NBA Finals.

  • World Cup Basketball
    FIBA World Cup
  • Olympic Games
    Basketball at the Olympic Games
  • NBA Finals
    NBA Finals

Ready to bet on Basketball ?  

We would like to start this section with a word of advice. Before engaging in online or in-person sports betting, check the rules and restrictions for your state. In Pennsylvania, for instance, online college and professional basketball sports betting has been legal since 2019. Once legality is established, you can simply type ‘legal online basketball betting’ and include your state in the search bar. Generally, creating an account in any legal sportsbook site is free, and most sites give their betters a form of startup incentive. In basketball betting, the most important factor is which team’s players will shoot better. Professional basketball betting and college basketball betting is perceived as complex because this is impossible to consistently predict. However, one could argue that the complexity of basketball betting is what makes it interesting.

Basketball Betting FAQs

How do you calculate total points in basketball?

The point system for basketball goes by a player making a two or three point field goal, or a one point free throw.
What are the most common basketball betting types? – The most common basketball betting types for college and professional basketball leagues are; point spread betting, money line betting and point totals betting.

What are the most common basketball betting mistakes?

Common basketball betting mistakes are; not paying attention to last minute changes, not paying attention to scheduling, and ignoring stats.

Is it more convenient to bet on basketball in person or online?

This depends on your comfort level. The popular opinion stands that basketball sports betting is more convenient online.

Is one strategy the ‘best’ for basketball betting?

Short answer-yes. The best strategy for basketball betting is to be informed. Since changes can occur up until the start of the game, it’s important to focus on essential newsbreaks in reference to your basketball bet.

How do betting odds work for basketball?

Betting odds are subject to which betting type you are utilizing.

Can I bet on basketball on my mobile phone or tablet?

Most online sports betting sites offer a mobile or tablet friendly interface. Depending on the online sports book site, mobile phone and tablet navigation should be available.

Are you allowed to bet money on basketball games?

Betting real money on basketball games is legal as long as you abiding by the rules and regulations set by the gaming commission in your state.