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Welcome to Online Bingo with CasinoRange. On this page, you will learn all you need to know about Online Bingo in America. Here you will be introduced to the game and its rules, as well as given information on where to find the best US Online Bingo providers and the newest Bingo games released.

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What Is Bingo?

If you can believe it, the game of Bingo is estimated to be around 490 years old. The game is said to have originated in Italy in a lottery game named ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia.’ However, it only became the game familiar to us when it arrived in France and became exceptionally popular. In 1929, the game made its way to the US, where it was originally known as ‘beano.’

Online Bingo was developed in 1996 and took the traditional land-based game to new levels of popularity and accessibility. To play Bingo, participants purchase game cards that have a selection of numbers on them. The caller will call out numbers one by one; if you have the number on your card, you stamp it. You are looking first to create a line and then a full house. When you do, you shout “Bingo,” and you receive the appropriate winnings/jackpot.

How To Select The Best Bingo Sites?

First and foremost, with any online gambling casino, players should ensure the site’s legitimacy as a properly regulated online casino. To do this, it is important that players check that the site on which they intend to play is regulated by the relevant state gambling authority or other similar regulating body.

To make things easier for you, CasinoRange's Trust Range process will do that for you. First, we make sure that all casinos on our site are licensed to operate, then we review all other key criteria for a safe and fun gambling experience.

Once you are comfortable with the site’s credentials, you can then investigate these other criteria. They include what introductory offers are available when registering to play on various Bingo sites. These bonuses are numerous and varied, however, so it is worth doing some research into which gives you the best offers with the fewest usage terms.

Another factor you might like to investigate is the range of games available on each site. Some have a much broader selection of games than others. Try to find a Bingo Casino which has plenty of the type of games you like to play, be that 90 ball Bingo, high stakes Bingo or whatever variation you enjoy.

Finally, you should look for US online casinos with simple and varied banking options that make betting, withdrawing, and managing your credit with them easy and transparent. To find the best online Bingo casinos, you can consult the range of reviews written by CasinoRange, who provide the best information regarding picking the best site for you.

Bonuses Available Playing Bingo

Bingo sites will offer players bonuses to entice them to play with them. For example, the most common bonuses for Bingo are initial match deposit bonuses put into your account when you sign up for a site. It is often called a welcome bonus and is designed to get you to create an account with a specific bingo room.

This bonus varies in size, and its use usually depends on several conditions stipulated by the bingo room. For example, a site may give first-time Bingo players a free credit bonus to wager on the various Bingo games they run.

However, some bingo rooms will only let you withdraw the money if you top it up with some of your own money. Therefore, the best Bingo rooms are those that have generous offers with few conditions.

Therefore, it is always worthwhile to check the terms and conditions of a bonus offer before accepting. We list the Bonus Terms and Conditions for all the bingo sites listed. You can confidently choose a safe, secure licensed bingo site on CasinoRange.

Why is Bingo Online Popular?

There are several reasons for online Bingo’s continued popularity. One of which is that despite being online, it can be a more sociable variation of the game, as players are not required to sit in silence as they do in live Bingo. This means they can talk to their friends using the chat rooms and meet people they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to.

Bingo is also a very simple game that anyone can join in and play, encouraging new players every day. Online Bingo also has the advantage of being much quicker, as you need not mark your cards yourself, as the computer registers them for you. This accelerates the calling and means players don’t need to be as diligent as they would have to be when playing Bingo in a real Bingo hall. Lastly, Bingo is fun and requires little financial investment.

Bingo Game Rules And Variations

All you must do once you have received your card is listen to the person calling the numbers out and mark them off your card if you hear yours. This, as mentioned, is done for you in the online version.

If you form a line or a full house of marked numbers, you shout “Bingo”. The reason you shout is that another player may also get Bingo at the same time as you, so the first person to shout Bingo is the winner.

However, there are a few variations of the game available at Bingo online casinos. These revolve around how many balls/numbers will be called in a game, how you can form wins, and how your card is arranged. For example, for 90-ball Bingo, players have a 15-number Bingo card arranged in a 9×3 format. Players first look for a horizontal line, then two lines, then a full house (all the numbers).

New Bingo Casinos

For the newest online Bingo casinos and best Bingo games, check out the casinos promoted on this page. New casino Bingo games are created every day, one of which could be the perfect match for you.

Mobile Casino Offering Bingo

Casinorange has the best selection of online Bingo sites and games, which are also available to play online using your mobile phone. Mobile casinos offer all the fun of casino gaming but on the move.

Recap of the Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Bingo


Simple to play and easy to learn.

Never miss numbers with online automated daubing.

Socially stimulating.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Little skill is required, meaning pros and beginners can play together.


Winning is down to chance entirely.

Be careful which bingo site you choose

Choose a licensed bingo room.

Check Terms & Conditions regarding bonuses.

Casino Bingo FAQs

Why Should I Play At A New Bingo Site?

The main benefit of playing at a new bingo site is your generous bonuses on signing up. Some offer no deposit bonuses, whereas others will give you a percentage of your deposit to play. These can range from 100% to 300% and can give you a boost when starting to play. More and more, we see the deposit and get free spins option. A lot of No Wager Bingo sites offer this kind of bonus.

Are There Bingo Sites With No Deposit Bonus?

There are a variety of no-deposit bingo sites. You can browse the online sites offering bingo and look at their bonus offers.

Can I play Bingo online for money?

Yes. Playing for money is easy once you have registered an account with an online casino and are able to place bets on games. This will usually involve adding an initial deposit with the provider to start off your play. Jackpots for Bingo can range from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Is Bingo A Form Of Gambling?

Technically any game of chance where players wager money is considered a gambling game. Therefore, if you are betting on the results of a game of Bingo it is a form of gambling.  Playing for free however could be considered only a game.

What Is Bingo On Slot Machines?

A Bingo slot machine or Class II slot machine as they are also referred to, are Bingo games which are played against other players in the Casino using a conventional video slot format. Each Bingo game is subtly different but contain the same core elements. These are that multiple players will be attempting to match certain patterns on their cards compared to the numbers that are centrally called across the various machines. You are essentially playing Bingo in a video format against others in the same establishment.

Is There A Trick To Winning Bingo?

There are many hints and tips on how to succeed when playing Bingo. One of the best pieces of advice is to play a few free bingo games to understand the rules and the various existing strategies. In doing so, you will become more experienced without risking any money. Therefore, when you play for real money, you are more prepared. Bingo is a game of numbers and luck at the end of the day. If your numbers come up, it’s a bingo day for you.

What Are The Best Bingo Sites?

So many Bingo sites offer an enormous range of games and bonus options. Choosing the best comes down to personal choice. Many of the best bingo rooms can get found on our site here.

How Is Bingo Played In Casinos?

Online and live casinos structure Bingo games more or less in the same way, with online Bingo having a few more automations to make playing easier. The basics however remain the same. Once you know what formation you are looking for to win Bingo (a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line or full house) you are then looking to make that formation on your Bingo card as the numbers are called out.

The calling of these numbers is one at a time and completely at random. You mark off the number on your card when it is called. If you manage to win a line or full house you must declare Bingo in a live hall, whereas it will automatically register if you are playing using an online format.

How Does Bingo Work At An Online Casino?

Online Bingo is much like regular Bingo, with a few key differences. There is no need to worry about missing numbers when playing online Bingo, as the game will automatically mark your card for you. The advantage of this is that you can buy as many tickets as you like per game without needing to keep an eye on them to win. That said, you do have the option of being able to mark your own ticket if you wish, safe in the knowledge that the system will automatically keep track just in case.