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Slingo is a game that goes under the radar at US online casinos. Slingo is a hybrid between slot games and bingo (hence the name Slingo). It was originally created by Sal Falciglia Sr in New Jersey back in 1995. Nobody expected it to be a success, but it took off once people realized how fun and easy it is to play the game. Slingo is a bingo-like game that has 75 balls within slot machine features. The main game involves a five-by-five grid which you see in bingo, but then it has some slot reels below the grid. It means the visible screen for players contains both a bingo grid and a slot reel. It is favored as players can choose to spin again for specific betting amounts to achieve another Slingo.

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  • FanDuel Casino

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  • DraftKings Casino

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How Do You Play Slingo?

The first thing to play Slingo is to find a US casino that offers the game. Once you have found a suitable site to play on, the game itself is pretty simple. To get started, you spin the slot reels below the bingo grid. Then once they’ve finished spinning, look to see if any of the selected numbers appear in the reels. It mirrors what it is like in bingo when you hear a number called and check your card.

Your reels can then display some additional symbols throughout any game. Keep an eye on these symbols, as they can win you bonus prizes, just like some do in a slot game. For example, in a classic Slingo game, you may find bonus symbols: a Joker, Gold Coin, Super Joker, and Free Spins. In addition to your stake, you will often get credited with a fixed number of spins to get used up within a time limit.

There’s more to the game than checking off numbers on your grid, as in a regular bingo game. You can add up game points to work towards bigger prizes like you can in a slot game. Slingo will award you a varying amount of game points within each spin. Add these points up, and you can win big prizes.

Different Slingo Game Symbols

  • A Joker is a ‘wild card’ used to tick off any number in the grid column above.
  • A Super Joker is more valuable than a regular joker and can be used to tick off a number anywhere on your grid.
  • You can win an instant money prize by getting three or more Jokers or Super Jokers.
  • A Free Spin icon allows one free spin.
  • A Coin symbol can win you an instant money prize.

Is There a Difference Between Bingo and Slots?

Bingo machines and slot games are similar in a number of ways, but they also have differences too. Slingo does have a resemblance to bingo, but it is actually a slot game. The key parts of a slot game are all within Slingo. The added features of bingo contribute to an exciting experience that regular slot machines don’t always have.

The chances of winning in this game are very similar to online slot games. A player spins the wheel and then waits to see if they win with the symbols that pop up. You often see Slingo games come in themes of regular slot games, for instance, Rainbow Riches. The bingo part of the game adds to the experience. It’s a unique feature that not many other games have when two games are combined like this, so make the most of it and enjoy your time playing it.