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Online Slots are the entertainment at any US Online Casino. On this page, we highlight new slot games, bonuses, jackpot slots, and the best RTP slots. In addition to learning how to play online slots, you will discover where to find the best slot casinos in America.

Please read our guide to play slot to learn more.

Casinos to play Online Slots

  • Bally Casino

    Up To $100 Back On First Deposit

  • BetMGM Casino

    100% up to $1,000 & $25 Free Credits

  • Borgata Casino

    100% Up To $1,000 & $20 Free Credit

  • Caesars Casino

    100% Up To $2,500

  • 888 Casino

    $20 No Deposit Bonus

  • Betway Casino

    100% Up To $1,000

  • DraftKings Casino

    Get Up To $1,000 Bonus Cash

  • FanDuel Casino

    $1,000 Play It Again & $100 Credit

  • Resorts Casino

    100% up to $1,000

  • Scores Casino

    100% Up To $500

Online Slot Bonuses

There are lots of online slot bonuses to choose from. One of the most common is the sign-up bonus. It is an initial deposit bonus offer that casinos provide for new players. In addition, rewards can take the form of a match bonus & free spins, which the casino offers new players to encourage them to play with them.

The idea is players are more likely to play if they have an incentive to try out games with bonuses initially.

The other typical bonus for slots, especially, is free spins. A casino will offer free spins for initial registration or first deposit. A Free Spins bonus can also get advertised as Bonus Spins. However, beware that both rewards are usually subject to terms and conditions. You can find all the best mobile and regular slot casinos and their great introductory offers here on CasinoRange’s welcome bonus page.

You can discover new online slot reviews on the dedicated page of CasinoRange.  Above is a selection of the latest slots and game reviews. The slot reviews contain in-depth game information so players can be confident in their choice when playing online slots. It includes the game’s theme, statistics, and the range of bonuses available.

Each Slot Review also has a Trust Range score, which allocates a score according to our unique ranking algorithm.

Jackpot Slots

The difference between “regular” and Jackpot slots is that prize amounts get fixed in regular slots. In a standard slot, the maximum prize is the same on every spin. So, for example, a traditional slot game like the Jurassic Park slot game will let you win a max payout of 6000x your stake; however, the game reward gets capped at this limit.

Progressive Jackpot slots are different because their Jackpots vary in amount. This slot game type evolves due to player activity because the jackpot grows every time the player makes a bet. Jackpot features make this type of slot desirable to players, as the pot can theoretically continue to increase indefinitely. A jackpot slot will typically boast a tiered jackpot prize. Often you will see a mini, midi and mega jackpot. Each of these will display different jackpot prize amounts.

When activating a jackpot bonus round, the allocation of the jackpot tier is dependent on chance – that’s the RNG we spoke about earlier.

For example, the Vegas Night Life online slot offers players the opportunity to contribute to an ever-increasing Jackpot which could, in theory, be worth millions of pounds. Some games manage this by linking up all the games that they have active at one point and getting them all to contribute to one collective jackpot.

Other providers use games like the Megaways slot genre to increase players’ wins to become the best Jackpot slot casinos. This piece of software creates many more pay lines than the traditional slot games, meaning more ways that players can win and conceivably achieve the jackpot. For more information on Megaways slots, visit our dedicated page.

How To Select The Best Online Slots at Casino Sites?

The most critical factors are safety and licensing. Players should ensure the site is safe when picking an online slot venue. You can check a site’s credentials by confirming that it gets regulated by the appropriate state legislative body where you reside and are playing from. For example, if you are playing in New Jersey you should play at online casinos licensed by New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement.

These state regulators ensure that play is fair and your money is secure. For example, on CasinoRange, all casinos are safe as our TrustRange process carefully screens them for licensing.

All of the top licensed casinos will also have a tested RNG. RNG is the acronym for Random Number Generator. Every  Slot machine will have an RNG in place, whether in a land-based or online casino. The RNG ensures that slot game symbols or table game numbers are displayed using the element of chance.

Recognized independent testing bodies undertake the testing of and validity of RNGs. For example, Gaming Laboratories International currently tests most licensed online slot venues, and there will be a page on the casino site listing the test date and result.

Best RTP Slots at Casinos Online

RTP is the abbreviation for Return To Player, and RTP on Online Slots is not only handy to know, but it should also play a part in your online slot selection. RTP determines a slot game’s payback and should only get used as a general indicator rather than a guaranteed outcome. RTP gets worked out across millions of reel spins across many online casinos. That means it will not be the same RTP during your slot session. You might get below the RTP indicated or, indeed, might be above the RTP.

Please note that slot game volatility will also play a part in RTP. RTP is also a historical figure. Thus our advice is to use it as an indicator. It usually a requirement for Online Slot venues licensed by state regulatory bodies to monitor and record the online slot game performance RTP.

Slot Game



Ugga Bugga Slot



Book of 99


Relax Gaming

Mega Joker Slot


1429 Uncharted Seas


Jack Hammer 2 Slot



Online Slot Volatility

Online Slot Volatility is a factor to consider when selecting a slot game. Most Online Casinos will have a similar library of games. Top-tier casinos will also have exclusive slot games that are not available elsewhere. We research volatility as it is a factor in both RTP and the frequency of wins on a slot. Some Slot players will prefer to accumulate wins on a more frequent basis. In that instance, we recommend selecting a low or medium-volatile slot game.

On the other hand, if you are after bigger wins on a slot and are not concerned about the frequency of wins, medium and higher volatility slots are the recommended route. New Slot games also tend to be highly volatile as they have yet to build up an RTP. As we pointed out earlier in the RTP explanation, it takes some time and millions of spins for the RTP to get established.

It is similarly true for new slot games. It is also one of the reasons for casino players’ enjoyment of more recent slot games. Exclusive Slot games are similar to new slot games as they are generally available at much fewer casinos, meaning that they tend to be more volatile as the amount of play on them is less than that of networked slot games.

Origins of & Evolution Of Online Slots

In its original physical format, the slot machine got invented by a Bavarian-born American, Charles August Fey, in 1894. These were coin-operated betting machines that got introduced to saloons across the country. Online slots are the virtual adaption of these machines, which you will find in every online casino.

Virtual or online slots act similarly to a regular slot machine, but instead of inserting a real coin and pulling the lever, you enter virtual currency and click a button to spin the reels. These methods work by rotating various symbols across a set of reels, with graphics on the screen displaying a game symbol or bonus round video.

If slot game symbols match each other on what is called “pay lines,” players win. The advantage of online slots is that the physical dimension of a real machine does not limit them and therefore has taken on amazingly wild and exciting configurations. However, the principle remains the same, players enter a bet and then match symbols with each spin. Eventually, you can win and receive a payout with some of the biggest jackpots available while playing the most popular slot games.

Learn More About our Trust Range

When it comes to trying to find casino slot sites that will bring success, players should look for venues that have slots with low variability. The winning formula for gambling is a high RTP (return to player) combined with low volatility.

Casino reviews get written by Casinorange and list both of the above criteria as part of each slot site review. As a rule, it is always worth doing some research into a slot before you play it.

Lastly, it would help to look for sites with plenty of choices. Finding a suitable game can take some time, so it is worth signing up for a casino site with many options. Real money slots, progressive slots, and online slot games can also get played from your mobile device. Our Trust Range allocated a ranking according to various factors that our algorithm considers. It is then presented to you, allowing you to make an informed decision on a particular online slot.

Why Are Online Slots Casinos Popular?

One of the driving forces behind online slots becoming so popular is convenience. These types of slot machines can get enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. In addition, technological advancements now mean you can even enjoy slot games on your mobile devices. Another reason for their continued popularity is the incredible diversity of games available. With new games coming out every day, there is no end to the novelty a player can enjoy within this gaming genre. Lastly, slots are easy to play and entertaining, and if luck favors you, big jackpots can get won.

Slots Providers Available at Casinos

Due to the market size, there are many slot providers online, each with its strengths. Some popular providers that provide the best slots on online casinos include Microgaming, Netent, and Red Tiger. One of the biggest and most popular is Microgaming, which has been in the industry since 1994. They have released more than 800 slots on their software and partner with a host of slot game developers. NetEnt, on the other hand, is a very modern digital entertainment company that provides gaming solutions to some of the world’s most successful casino operators. Competition in the Slot provider category is healthy and is a bonus for slot players as we get an endless variety of entertaining slot games to enjoy.

Mobile Slots Casinos

Casinorange slots offer only the best mobile slot sites and games to play online on your mobile phone. Mobile casinos offer all the fun of casino gaming but are for people on the move. Casino Range lists mobile sites with HTML5 games, so you do not have to download specific software to play slots. These new HTML5 Slots will automatically adapt to your device screen size and provide an entertaining game experience.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Slots


Easy to play with little skill involved

Potential to win huge slot game prizes

Massive variety to choose from

Highly entertaining


Can Be Addictive – Always Play for Entertainment Only

Too many Online Slots to choose from – It is best to know which slots to play

Casino Slot FAQs

What Slot Casinos Have the best Bonuses?

Many online slot sites offer great slot bonuses. These include Pokerstars Casino, Spins Royale and Jazzy Spins. For more best bonus casinos, check out CasinoRange’s best bonus page.

Is It Easy to Learn Online Slot Rules?

You can learn the rules and how to succeed at the game here on our dedicated How-To page. In addition, each slot game will provide a paytable that lists the payment combinations. We include all of that information in our slot game reviews.

Can You Win Money Playing Online Slot?

Playing online slots for real money, players can win cash with good luck and a crafty strategy. Increase your chances of winning by looking up the many slots reviews on Casinorange.

What Is The Best Online Slot to Play?

It depends on what you want from slots at online casinos. If you are happy to get a few smaller wins and have a good time, then regular slot games are probably more your thing. However, if you are looking for big potential payouts and high stakes, Jackpot slots are what you want to play. Generally, the best slot games offer great bonuses and features and are the most fun to play. Finding the best slots casino for you is based on your individual requirements. Use our Slot game filter to select the most appropriate slot game.

How can I increase my chances of winning on slot machines?

As described on our slots strategy page, there are various ways players can increase their chances of winning, mainly due to bankroll, the number of spins and lady luck.

What should I look for in an online slot casino?

It is always important to consider the slot venue's legality that you intend to play. After this, you should look into the reviews and ratings of the online slot casino you wish to play, as this will indicate its quality. In addition, you should also look for casinos that have attractive bonuses and ones that have your favored slots on them.

Where Do I Find The Newest Slot Game?

You can find the newest slot games on our dedicated new slots page. In addition, we constantly monitor the top software providers and list the upcoming and latest slot game titles available to players.

Can I Play Slots For Free?

Yes, you can do so by opening an account on a casino site and playing their dedicated free slots. However, some online casinos will require you to register an account before you are able to play these demos. To do so, you'll need to be of legal gambling age and physically situated in a state where your online casino of choice is licensed.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Online slots work on the principle of a random number generator and spin the reels randomly with each spin. Winning involves landing symbols on multiple paylines across the reels.

Do casinos cheat on slot machines?

Properly well-regulated casinos should have a code of standards and must comply to serious regulatory and legislative requirements of state bodies. This prevents casinos from dishonest practices. Each Casino gets held to account by the legal body which oversees its functioning. State-specific, recognized licensing authorities license all of the casinos & slot sites listed at CasinoRange. So yes, a Casino can cheat on slot machines if they are not licensed - for the respectable options, it's really not in their best interests. Licensed venues are not able to alter anything on the slot games.

What is a slot’s RNG, and can it be trusted?

RNG stands for random number generator and is computer software ensuring that all online casino slot games get played according to a set standard. The idea is that if every spin is completely 100% random, as the piece of software guarantees, thus players know that there is no foul play when they spin the reels.