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Online Keno is an underrated game in the US online casino games community. Some American players often overlook it, but it is a lot of fun to play. Recently, Keno has become increasingly popular in the USA. Keno goes back hundreds of years and is a game where the rules are easy to pick up.

Please read our guide to play Keno to learn more.

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Keno has a system similar to a lottery or a bingo game. There are 80 balls in a bag, each with a different number between 1 and 80. You get to pick up to 20 balls and bet on which ones will become drawn in the next game. Your payouts will vary on how many different numbers you choose. The fewer numbers that you choose, the better your odds will be.

So if you choose five numbers and two come in, you would receive higher odds than if you decide nine numbers and two come in. Keno can get compared to a cross between the lottery, bingo, and roulette, in the sense that you pick numbers hoping they will get drawn. Keno mirrors roulette in that the fewer numbers you choose, the more returns you will receive on each round. Online casinos having their lottery-style games is very fun.

How To Play Keno

It is pretty straightforward to play keno. You pick a few numbers, just like you would with roulette, then hope the numbers get drawn in the following round. There are various different tactics that can be used, but most players tend to follow superstitions. It is common for people to pick numbers based on things that mean something to them.

For example, players often like picking the date they were born on as one of their numbers. Doing this is simple; just mark that number down on the card shown on the screen. It is not just birthdays that follow this trend – many have their own lucky numbers or house number that they pick. In fact, you can just keep picking the same random number in the hope that it will come in and make you some money.

How Many Numbers Can You Pick?

Usually, there are a maximum amount of numbers that you are allowed to mark in keno. Generally, this will not be more than 20, although some casinos set the boundary lower. It’s worth noting that different casinos have different structures for each of their games. Take the time to read through the casino’s rules for the game and decide if it is something that appeals to you.

Ideally, you should pick between four and eight numbers in keno. This will help to increase your payout odds to be as high as they can be. When you pick fewer numbers than this range, you reduce your chances of winning. However, when you choose more numbers than this, you make it harder to match the required amount of numbers to win.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Some players like to bet on numbers that haven’t been drawn for a while in the hope that they are due to pop up. This is called betting on cold numbers and is a technique that is often used in roulette. Similarly, you can bet on the hot numbers too.

Betting on hot numbers is where you choose the balls that have been popping up a lot in the hope that the trend will continue. The numbers that follow will still be random as these techniques rely solely on superstition. It is a common casino myth that the previous results impact those going forward, but this is not the case.

Bet in Pairs

Another tactic commonly used in keno is to bet on numbers in pairs. For instance, they are placing bets on five and six together. People believe that neighboring numbers pop together quite often. Again, this is a superstition, but watching two numbers get drawn when you have backed them both is incredibly satisfying.

It is important to remember that none of these tactics carries any mathematical advantage over another. It is always random which balls get drawn in any keno sequence.

Random Picks

Some players go straight in with a random number pick. It takes all superstition away from the game and focuses on it round by round. If you are hopping on for a quick keno game, perhaps this will suit you best. You can even let the machine pick numbers through the automated system. It can help you if you are unsure how to approach a keno game or want a quick keno game whilst feeling lucky.