Online Casino Scratch Cards

Online Casino Scratch Card Games

Most Americans are aware of the scratch cards available to buy at the local convenience stores, but how many people know of the ones that you can purchase online? Online scratch card games often get overlooked in US online casinos, but they actually can be an enjoyable experience.

They work almost identically to the tangible cards you can purchase in person. The player buys the card, then they have the choice to ‘reveal all’ or rub off manually. Once you find any winnings, they are yours to keep and go straight into your online casino balance. Who doesn’t want the chance to win thousands of dollars instantly?

Our Top Picks for Online Scratch Cards

  • Caesars Casino

    100% Up To $2,500

  • BetMGM Casino

    100% up to $1,000 & $25 Free Credits

  • Borgata Casino

    100% Up To $1,000 & $20 Free Credit

  • bet365 Casino

    100% Up To $1,000

  • 888 Casino

    $20 No Deposit Bonus

  • Resorts Casino

    100% up to $1,000

  • PartyCasino

    200% Up To $200

Advantages of Online Scratch Cards

One of the best things about playing an online scratch card is getting an instant win. There is no waiting around for your money. You buy, you scratch, and you win. Of course, you do not win every time, but you understand why this is advantageous.

It is so quick and straightforward. Instant win games are hugely popular with the gambling community as it does not take long to play them, making them ideal for people who want a quick game.

Furthermore, you can choose the exact stake you want to play with on an online scratch card. Sometimes when you buy one in person, the stakes are set at a specific amount for each different card. However, this is not the case when you purchase them online.

You can play each scratch game with a different stake – this helps accommodate those with a lower playing budget.

Tips to Win at Online Scratch Cards

Whilst an online casino scratch card mostly boils down to luck to whether it is a winner or not, there are certain things you can do to enhance your probability of winning. One thing you can do to help yourself win on online casino scratch cards is to avoid playing with the cheaper ones.

Of course, this all comes down to each player’s individual budget, but the chances of winning are usually much higher when you play on one of the more expensive cards. You can check exactly how likely this is by looking at the return to player percentage (RTP). This calculates how much money from the game gets paid back out to players on each spin. The higher this number, the more chance you have of winning. Choosing the right game is key. The reason the cheaper scratch cards are less expensive is often because the prize pool is smaller too.

Another tip to winning is to spread your budget accordingly. Say if you want to play with $10, then it is wise to buy five $2 scratches rather than one $10 card. The likelihood of you winning on one card is small, but if you buy a few, then the chances of you winning increase. This may sound like it contradicts what we previously said but spreading your budget on a handful of decent cards is better than buying lots of the not-so-great cards.

Treat Them Like a Slot Game

We’re sure you all have different techniques for playing various other online casino games. For example, there is a theory that you are likely to win in a slot game that has not gotten played for a period. It can also get mirrored in scratch cards.

A big win can happen if a game has had no winner for some time. It is a superstition, but it can be enriching and satisfying when this tactic works out for the player. You should also play scratch offs like a slot game because you do not just buy one card. Who goes on the slots and only spins once? Set a certain number of cards to purchase, and you may find that your chances of winning go up.

Select the Right Scratch Games

You should find a game you enjoy but do not waste time trying to play as many as possible. By all means, try your luck at a few different ones, but once you find a couple you like, we recommend you stick to those.

Other than the theme and design of the cards, scratch cards have slight variations. But, again, stick to the scratch cards with the highest RTP%, as that will help you have the most significant chance of winning.