Roulette is one of the simplest yet most exciting online casino games around. Spin the wheel and see which of the numbered pockets the ball lands in. If you’ve guessed correctly, you’ll win. Stick with us and you can play free online roulette as much as you want. Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about playing online roulette for free.

Playing Online Roulette For Free

Our free roulette game gives you the chance to get used to how roulette works. It’s an ideal game to play if you’re not too familiar with roulette and want to start playing. It’s also worth playing even if you’re a seasoned roulette player and just fancy playing without having to spend any real money.

Here you can play online roulette for free – there’s no download necessary, nor do you have to set up and account and deposit money into it. All you need is an internet connection. Simply load the roulette game and you can start playing without having to spend any money.

Whenever you play roulette free, it’s not real money you’re using. Instead, it’s play money (or fake money). This is basically a set of virtual credits that enable you to play as much as you like. Score a win and your play money balance will go up. Lose and your balance will go down. There’s no chance of running out of play money since you can just reload the game and start off with a new balance.

Even if there’s no chance of winning any actual money, roulette can still be a fun game to play. Try playing roulette for free and you’re sure to enjoy playing. There’s no skill or strategy involved – all you have to do is guess where the ball lands. You may find some roulette strategies online, but these are more about what bets to place when playing for real money.

Playing Online Roulette For Real Money

Once you feel confident playing online roulette games for free, you may want to start playing for real money. Here on our site, we have an online casino section offering real money roulette games by some of the top casino game providers around. Have a look through our casino game collection and give our real money roulette games a try!

As well as betting on a single number, there are lots of different betting options available in roulette games. The standard roulette table has the numbers 1-36 arranged in three columns and twelve rows in numerical order, with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the top row and 34, 35 and 36 in the bottom row. You can bet on individual rows or columns, as well as on various clusters of numbers. There’s also the opportunity to bet on the winning number being odd or even, or red or black.

You’ll be pleased to hear that roulette has quite a low house edge. What this means is that, in a typical game, not much of your money should go to the house, or the casino. The higher a game’s house edge is, the more of your money, on average, you’re likely to lose when playing.

American VS European Roulette

You’ll come across two main types of roulette: there’s the American version and the European version. The only difference between the two is how many numbers on the wheel there are. If it’s European roulette you’re playing, the wheel will have 37 pockets altogether: numbers 1-36, plus a green zero pocket. The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets: numbers 1-36, plus the green zero and an additional double zero pocket.

Since the American version has one extra pocket, the chances of winning when playing this version are slightly lower. After all, there’s a 1/38 chance of guessing the correct pocket, whereas in European roulette it’s 1/37. Pretty much all online casinos have both versions of roulette available. If you’re keen to win, you’ll want to go for the European version. If you’re playing for free, it doesn’t really matter which one you play, since you can’t win real money anyway.

Apart from the different number of pockets, both main versions of roulette are virtually the same. If you’ve played one, you’ll get the hang of the other in next to no time at all. Betting options are mostly the same, though they can vary depending on the game.

Get Spinning!

Enjoy as many free roulette spins as you want right here! Have some goes of our free roulette game and enjoy guessing which pocket the number lands in. Stay on this site and you can play roulette online both for free and for real money. Switch to real money roulette once you’re used to how the casino game works and start placing your bets!

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