Slots By Feature 2023 UK

Slots classified by features: multiplier, bonus round, jackpot

What are Slot Features?

Multiple pay lines, Wild symbols that operate as ‘jokers’ on the reels, and Scatter symbols that pay regardless of where they land on the reels are just a few of the features available in video slots.

Over the years, game developers have continued to push the envelope, creating games with five or more reels, hundreds of pay lines, complicated features and bonus rounds, and high-resolution video and 3D visuals.

As a result of this shift, a wide range of online slots has emerged, with increasingly complicated feature rounds and bonus games. As a result, regular gamers instinctively seek out the most exciting games and features. As a result, game creators are constantly competing to develop fresh, inventive concepts to keep customers interested and return to playing their games.

On the other hand, the variety of computers might be intimidating to the inexperienced, and features can be challenging to comprehend. As a result, we’ve put together a quick introduction to the most common features found on online slots and thorough descriptions of each option when you click on it.

Understanding Slot Features

Bonus Rounds

The primary goal of each slot game is to line up matching symbols to win. That’s the basic game, although most games have additional characters. Their purpose is to direct you to other features, which we shall discuss as we progress through this evaluation.

The crucial thing to remember is that bonus symbols exist and that we should recognise them before pressing the spin button. They may say “bonus” or use the game’s emblem. Alternatively, the bonus might be a particular graphic related to the title’s theme.

Free Spins

Bonus rounds are available on most slot machines, with free spins being one of the most popular. As the name implies, this is a part where you get given a set amount of spins, and no additional wagering is required.

Scatter symbols, which are bonus symbols, frequently generate free spins. However, a certain number of symbols (typically three) must appear on the reels to trigger free spins. The number of spins provided and whether they may get retriggered are two things we need to look into. Again, look at the game’s description for the solutions, or read our full slot game reviews when available.


Multipliers are symbols that increase your winnings by a specific percentage. For example, if you see a symbol on reels with the number x2 next to it, any wins will double. In certain games, multiple x3, x4, x5, and even higher are available.

Progressive Jackpots

There will be two types of jackpots available in casino slot games. First, a fixed or non-progressive jackpot is one in which the maximum win is a fixed amount that does not change.

The second is a progressive jackpot, which can grow over time. A percentage of each stake is taken and contributed to the prize money in games like Mega Moolah and MegaJackpots Siberian Storm. A progressive jackpot refers to a significant financial prize that will continue to grow until won.

Current numbers highlighting the levels of progressive jackpots for each relevant game will be readily displayed as you enter the slots room.

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