MacGyver Slot

MacGyver Slot
Published Date · Dec. 1, 2020 · Last Updated · May 5, 2023
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MacGyver Slot Review

MacGyver Slot Overview

Prepare to enter the explosive and exciting wold of MacGyver, the action hero who uses his brains to get out of sticky situations. The ingenious and crazy world of this iconic 80’s character is emulated in all its paperclip loving glory in this excellent slot game. This terrific game is brought to us by the Novomatic Group and is everything you would expect of this classic Holly Wood series. It is played on a slightly truncated 5-reel board with 50 pay lines. To win combos players must match the symbols, including picture symbols from left to right. Bonus features for the MacGyver slot game include a huge progressive jackpot, multipliers, as well as stacked symbols. However, the triggering mechanisms for these bonuses, just like the various MacGyver projects, are as complicated as they are thrilling.  The betting range for this game are not definable. The maximum win also cannot be defined as the progressive jackpot can continue to grow. MacGyver is a low volatility slot designed with big win players in mind.

Graphics and Theme

MacGyver is a brilliantly rich and iconic story to be able to design for and one that the Novomatic Group have handled well. For the symbols, they have chosen a collection of items that would regularly make their appearance in the series. These include the iconic paper clip, a roll of duct tape, a pair of aviators and a wristwatch. Bonuses take the form of a ticking digital clock, like the one you may see in one of the more dramatic MacGyver defusing scenes. The background is a combination of compass motifs mixed with duct tape all wrapped up in a fiery explosion. The board is a simple black affair with the two shorter rows bookending it. The music has been more or less erased in favour of a sound effects-heavy audio experience.

MacGyver Slot Details












Software Provider




Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Wild Symbol


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Progressive Jackpot, Free Spins

The daring and thrilling world of MacGyver has been faithfully recreated here in slot form, and it turns out to be a smash. It has an exciting gameplay with plenty of wire cutting, bomb diffusing bonus features.  However, what players will most likely be attracted to is the game’s amazing progressive jackpot. With big win potential, low variance and enticing gameplay, MacGyver hits all the criteria needed for a truly valuable and explosive slot game.


Progressive Jackpot

Enticing Gameplay

Fun Bonus Features


Lots of Unknown Slot Information

Theme Not For Everyone

How To Play MacGyver Slot

Setting up McGyver is a simple exercise. In the provided menu, players are given a range of betting options including coin values, wagers per spin, plus upper- and lower-win limits. The paytable can also be viewed by clicking on the ‘I’ symbol along with any rules and regulation about the game which you might wish to know before commencing play. Once you have these criteria set, players are free to spin the reels using the manual spin button or with the use of automatic spins.

MacGyver Slot Features

There are three main bonuses for this game which reflect some of the most famous objects or sequences of the series.

The first is the Bomb Bonus. For this, you must lookout for a combination of symbols. The blue scatter symbol appears on reels 2 and 3, whereas the bomber counter with the number three illuminated only appears on the fourth reel. If you manage to land the right scatters on reels 2to 4 (the blue scatters plus the bomb) the bonus Bomb feature will be triggered. For this bonus, 18 individual reels are used. Each reel spins up to 7 times and will stick in place if a Cash Credit, Defuse Minor or Defuse Major symbol appears.

If you can land one of the Diffuse symbols, you are in with the chance to select from five wires which will appear on the screen and potentially win the progressive jackpot. This means you may win between 50-10,000 credits, whatever you bet is.

The second bonus is called the Diamond Bonus. For this bonus to be triggered, you must land scatters on reels 2 and 3 and then the diamond symbol on reel 4. If this should happen, you will be granted seven free spins on a special two-reel arrangement. For these two reels, diamonds and gems are added to ramp up the value, which can pay out between 200-500x your stake.

Before each spin in this Diamond bonus, you must select one of four boxes to reveal the modifiers which will be applied to the spins. These include a locked wild reel, a progressive win multiplier, or a credit prize worth between 1x and 3x your bet.

If you don’t pick manually, after some time the computer will pick for you.

Lastly, there is the MacGyver Bonus. If you land a MacGyver symbol on reel one, you will trigger this bonus.  For this, you will be given 1-4 bonus spins with MacGyver, Wild and Blank symbols only on the reels. These will help to form bigger and more frequent wins.

MacGyver Slot on Mobile

MacGyver sadly can only be played on laptop or desktop devices and has yet been optimised for mobile devices.



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