5-Reel Online Slots

Best slot games with 5 reels

One of an online slot's most common features is the five reel slots design. 5 reel slot games are what they say on the tin. They are slot games that get played across five reels. The only variation is the number of rows, which usually feature three. Just because they are common does not mean that 5 reel slot games are tedious. On the contrary, the more reels in play, the more fun you will have when playing online slots.

New 5 Reel Slot Machines

How does a five-reel slot machine work?

5 Reel Online slot games work similarly to other varieties of slot games. You spin the reels and await the landing of game symbols. Hopefully, they land according to the slot game paytable.

The only variation on five reel slots is in the pay lines on the games. These can range anywhere from 10 pay lines up to 243 pay lines. We list all pay line details on our online slot reviews, and you can also always view pay line and paytable information on individual slot games.

A huge variety of five-reel slot games and themes are available, so you are truly spoilt for choice when playing online slots. As is usual, an RNG system in play decides the result after each spin.

5 Reel slots have become increasingly popular because of better graphics, better features and interesting mechanics becoming available on them.

In addition, it is generally also accepted that you can win more prize money on a 5 reel game than on a three-reel slot. More pay lines and higher wagers per spin will generally mean larger payouts

Most of the top-paying progressive slot jackpot games are 5 Reel Slots. Think about any of the popular Mega Moolah Slots from Microgaming and you will note that they are all of the five reel variety.