Madame Clues Slot

Madame Clues Slot
Published Date · June 13, 2023 · Last Updated · Oct. 6, 2023
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Madame Clues Slot Review

Madame Clues Slot Overview

Madame Clues from top online slots developer Lady Luck Games invites you to gaze into the crystal ball to discover your slot’s fortune, in a simplistic game featuring just one symbol per spin. Madame Clues herself presides over the action from within her amusement hall-style fortune-telling machine, and peppers the jaunty soundtrack with an array of dubious predictions. Whilst undoubtedly falling towards the minimalistic end of the slots spectrum, Madame Clues crams a lot of game into its one-symbol layout. Should the crystal ball produce a favourable forecast, you may benefit from one of two Bonus Games, and possibly even a max win of 23,042x!

Madame Clues Slot Details











23,042 x

Software Provider

Lady Luck Games



Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, Wild Symbol, 1 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Multiplier, Free Spins

Another interesting release from Lady Luck Games that adds to the provider's weird and wonderful modern slots portfolio. As ever, the audio and visuals are excellent and do a great job of interpreting the slightly wacky theme, whilst the gameplay is also surprisingly immersive. A 1x1 grid may seem like a limited canvas, but Madame Clues impressively extracts a whole load of action from just that one symbol. The base game may prove just a little too simple for some, but in our opinion, that is more than compensated for by the two exciting bonus rounds and high win potential. The fortune teller's prediction is that many players will enjoy taking this one for a spin.


Distinctive Gameplay

2x Bonus Rounds

23,042x Max Win


Variable RTPs

Over Simplistic

How To Play Madame Clues Slot

madame clues base
Base game

Min Bet

Max Bet

Max Win




Madame Clues Basic Rules

  • The gameplay here is about as straightforward as it comes. Each time you press spin, one symbol will be revealed within the crystal ball
  • As symbols appear one at a time, there's only one payline on offer in this slot
  • The red-eyed skull – known in the game as the Death Symbol – is predictably to be avoided at all costs, and results in a losing spin

Madame Clues Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to the symbols and payouts available in Madame Clues:

madame clues symbol hand
Hand - 1x
madame clues symbol cup
Cup - 3x
madame clues symbol sword
Sword - 8x
madame clues symbol coin
Coin - 12x

Madame Clues Slot Bonus Features

madame clues raven feature
Raven Look Deeper Bonus
madame clues free spins
Owl Free Spins Bonus

Madame Clues’ bird familiars hold the keys to the game’s two bonus features. Whenever an Owl or Raven spins into view within the Crystal Ball, a favourable fortune is ensured, as you take a trip into the respective bonus game.

Owl Free Spins Bonus

Landing an Owl will award you with three spins, as well as a 2x multiplier.

Each Owl that appears during this bonus round will award an additional three free spins, whilst also doubling your win multiplier. Keep collecting those Owls, up to a maximum of 21 free spins and a 128x multiplier.

Raven Look Deeper Bonus

If your base game spin reveals a Raven, you will trigger the Raven Look Deeper Bonus.

The Crystal Ball grows to take centre stage, with the Raven transforming into four separate symbols. If one of those symbols is also a Raven, that will in turn split into four symbols. This process repeats for every Raven, creating the possibility of 64 symbols contained within the Crystal Ball.

The bonus round continues until no further Ravens are revealed, at which point the value of all symbols in view will be combined and added to your balance.

Our Verdict: A unique slot like Madame Clues was always going to have something up its sleeve for its bonus rounds. It's not very often you can get up to 21 free spins in a bonus round, and the Look Deeper bonus has the potential to stack up some serious wins.

Play Madame Clues Demo for Free

To play for free without staking real money, try the Madame Clues slot demo! Use online slots demos for a fun and free experience, where you can relish the game without financial concerns. Discover the excitement of online slots demos as you explore various games without the pressure of placing real bets.

Madame Clues Slot RTP & Volatility


Variable RTP




Medium - High

The game’s top-end Return to Player (RTP) of 95.90% is just a whisker below the industry-average RTP of 96%. However, you should be aware that this is a variable RTP, with alternative settings of 88% and 94% also available to online casinos. The slot also falls into the medium-high volatility category,

Our Verdict: The lower than average RTP in Madame Clues is slightly disappointing. AS the RTP is variable, we recommend consulting the information section of the game to discover the setting in use. The game features more low-paying wins and dead spins than you would find in a low-volatility release, but on the plus side, the win potential is excellent for a game of this type.

Madame Clues Slot Graphics & Audio


The reels are set in front of an abandoned arcade, with Madame Clues taking centre stage. In the background you'll find other deserted machines which pay tribute to other Lady Luck Games slots, such as Cuddles Royal and Valholl: Wild Hammers.

Madame Clues (Lady Luck Games) 1
Base game win
Madame Clues (Lady Luck Games) 2
Look Deeper Bonus winnings
Madame Clues (Lady Luck Games) 3
Free spins awarded
Madame Clues (Lady Luck Games) 4
Total win


In addition to the surprisingly upbeat guitar theme that plays in the background, Madame Clues herself can be heard offering words of encouragement as you wait to see what lies in the crystal ball.

Our Verdict: The quirky vibes portrayed by Madame Clues come as no surprise given the unorthodox nature of the gameplay. The Lady Luck Games Easter eggs in the background are a nice touch that would excite fans of the developer.

Madame Clues Slot on Mobile

Lady Luck Games can be relied upon to ensure their games are available to both desktop players and mobile slots fans and have delivered once again with Madame Clues. Both iOS and Android users will find all of the gameplay and features intact on their small-screen devices.

Madame Clues

Madame Clues FAQs

How much can I win playing Madame Clues slot?

The slot pays out up to 23,042x your stake.

When was Madame Clues slot released?

11th January 2022.

Are there free spins in Madame Clues slot?

Yes - the game's Free Spins Bonus gives you at least three free spins.

Can I play Madame Clues slot on mobile?

Yes - the game is playable on all iOS and Android devices.


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Head of Content

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