What Are The Different Types Of Slots?

What Are The Different Types Of Slots?

Published Date · May 10, 2022 · Last Updated · July 21, 2022 ·Read Time · 2 mins

Slots are arguably the most popular and sought after games at a casino, regardless of whether the casinos are online or land-based. Casinos introduced slots over a century ago, and since then, many variants of slots have been established, so there is something for all users. Over the recent years, casinos have made their way into the online world, and with the emergence of online slots, their popularity has sky-rocketed. Online casinos feature a diverse selection of thousands of slots based on different themes and engaging storylines for all kinds of players. Slots have come a long way since their original design, but regardless of the many formats, the principle of the game remains the same. In addition, slots are convenient since they are affordable for all audiences and don’t require any prior knowledge or experience to play. We will explore some of these variants in the following article.


Multi-Payline Slots

As an advancement to the single payline slots, manufacturers established Multi-payline slots that offer more chances of winning. These slots can feature 3,4,5, or even 25 paylines and multiple winning patterns that can be straight, diagonal or zig-zag. Multi-payline slots also offer access to lucrative bonus features by hitting certain symbols on several of the paylines. However, they require bigger deposits because of the additional bets required to activate two or more paylines.

Grid Slots

Grid slots or cascading slots usually comprise a 5×5 (or more) grid of symbols. Based on the cluster pay mechanics, these slots result in a win when a cluster of symbols line up horizontally or vertically. After that, all the winning symbols disappear from the grid and leave room for new ones to tumble down from above and take their place, offering a free spin feature that can allow players to potentially land multiple wins.

Megaways Slots

A typical Megaways slot consists of six reels; each reel accommodates anywhere between two to seven symbols. These slots, originally created by Big Time Gaming, feature a Megaways random reel modifier that changes the number of symbols on a reel during spins. Megaways slots have over 100,000 paylines and therefore offer more ways of winning.

Big Bertha Slots

As the name implies, big bertha slots are the biggest slot machines in the casino industry, standing at almost seven feet. Big Berthas consist of three, four, or more reels but don’t necessarily offer a high payout percentage. Typically placed at the entrance of casinos, these slots play the part of enticing new players as soon as they enter the casino. However, with the advent of virtual slot machines, these slots are quite rare nowadays, except for large wagering venues.

Final Thoughts

Slot machines are the most favoured games by novice and seasoned players in any casino, be it online or on land. Their convenience, entertaining themes, and mouth-watering prizes are some of the most prominent factors behind their success. On top of that, there are multiple types of slots for users to choose from. Players can explore all the different variants and select the one that appeals to them the most.


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