Are Most Electronic Slot Machines Rigged?

Are Most Electronic Slot Machines Rigged?

Published Date · Aug. 22, 2019 · Last Updated · July 21, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Probably one of the most common questions asked by gamblers “Are most electronic slot machines rigged” the answer is Yes and No. Depends on your definition of the term “rigged.”

If your definition of “rigged” is that the casino is guaranteed to make money off electronic slot machines over a long period, then yes. There’s always a house edge and a percentage payout for all slot machines. But this doesn’t mean the slot machine controls the outcome of a game.

All licensed and regulated casinos use random number generators (RNG), which make all results random and unpredictable. So, in case you are having a string of bad lucks, it has nothing to do with the slot machine.

What is the Random Number Generator?

Random number generator is a complex computer program designed to provide strings of random results which are displayed on the slot machine. There are different types of RNGs available today; however, online casino games make use of the pseudo-random number generators.

Unlike other RNGs, the pseudo-random number generators don’t require any input (a number of data entries) to produce a result. It only requires an algorithm and a seed number.

From the moment the game starts, the pseudo-random generators begin creating random numbers behind the scenes. This process continues until the player hits the spin button. At this point, the sequence is stopped, and a result is produced.

But since RNGs are computerised algorithms, they can be hacked. Though it is pretty much hard to do so, it is possible.

Funny enough, in 2008, Ronald Harris, who happened to be a computer programmer, rigged a random number generator. He developed a computer program that predicts the numbers the RNG would choose beforehand. As such, he managed to win cash for some time before authorities caught him. He’s currently banned from entering a casino and spent two years behind bars.

How to Recognise Safe Casino Sites

There are numerous ways to determine if a casino website is safe for use. The key to finding trusted casinos is by observing the following factors:


This is an essential factor to consider before choosing a casino. Irrespective of how enticing the bonus spins, jackpot slots, and free spins are, playing at slots in an online casino without a license is a bad thing to do. The chances are that their slot machines are fully rigged to prevent players from winning. And if you eventually win, what’s the assurance that you’d receive payment? All safe casino sites are rigorously tested and regulated by different bodies.

Here are some popular licensing and regulatory bodies to look out for:

  1. Malta Gaming Authority.
  2. Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
  3. UK Gambling Commission.
  4. Gibraltar Licensing Authority.
  5. ACT Gambling and Racing Commission.
  6. Curacao Internet Gambling Association

Contact Information

All safe casinos these days leave information about their company, a phone number, address, email address, and probably their social network handles. If you can’t find any of these details on their website, then it is not safe to play there. Find another casino! Some popular online gambling companies even create Wikipedia pages for their website. However, this is rare and reserved for only a few.


Casino reviews are another great way to determine whether a casino is safe or not. There are several trusted review sites online where real experiences of players are shared. Through these reviews, you can easily find the casinos that are worth a shot. A casino highly rated is a clear indication of its safety.


All casinos, whether safe or not, are designed to have a house edge. This is how the casino makes money. But just because they have a house edge, doesn’t mean the game is rigged. If all slot machines are rigged, there won’t be many people playing it today.



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