Understand What the Maximum and Minimum Bets are for Slots

Understand What the Maximum and Minimum Bets are for Slots

Published Date · April 27, 2022 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 5 mins

Slots are the most popular casino games at any casino (online or land-based) you step foot in. From fancy themes to engaging stories, slot games have seen quite a lot of development since their advent. They have even transcended the physical plane and ended up online. Slots involve a significant amount of luck and some experience as well. The player pulls the handle of a slot machine to rotate a series of three reels (or more) with symbols on them. If three symbols end up lining up with the machine’s payline, the player wins. The payout ultimately depends on the symbols matching within the machine’s payline. While the player cannot control the outcome of the game, they do have control over how much they can bet on each slot. Those new to betting may find it tricky to choose their bets on slot games. However, understanding the minimum and maximum bets for slots can help significantly. In this article, we discuss what minimum and maximum deposits are in slot games.

What Is the Minimum Bet for Slot machines?

Players who want to try different slots in one go or if they have a limited bankroll can play minimum bets. By playing minimum bets on slots, you can spread your limited bankroll around.

Calculating the Cost Per Spin: To figure out the cost of your bet, i.e., the minimum bet on a slot, first figure out how the cost of a single spin is determined. Usually, two main factors determine this: the coin value, and the number of paylines in the game. The two factors change on other factors as well, such as Ways to Win slots and bet levels (fixed payline slots).

Coin Value: The coin value is usually set at a predetermined amount on some slot games. However, in most online slot games, players can choose the value of their coins. These start from small amounts around the £0.01-£0.05 mark, up to larger amounts, i.e., £0.50-£20 or even higher on certain high-roller games. Most games let players browse through different coin options with the click of a button, while others display a menu of varying coin values. Players can then choose the coin they want to play as their unit stake. In case of making minimum bets, you must choose the lowest coin denomination possible – usually £0.01.

Paylines: Players are required to have covered all the paylines while playing with one of their unit stake amounts. Bear in mind that retro-style slots have 1-9 paylines, while modern slot games feature up to 40. The more paylines there are, the more options there are for winning, provided the player has covered the paylines with their bet. For instance, in the case of 40 paylines with a £0.01 coin value, the player has all the aforementioned paylines in play. In this case, their cost per spin will be: £0.01 x 40 = £0.40 per spin The number of paylines a player chooses is entirely their choice. Players can reduce the number of paylines down to the minimum number. Then multiply the minimum number of paylines by the minimum coin value: 1 payline x 1 £0.01 coin for a minimum bet of £0.01.

Many slots today, however, have their number paylines in play fixed. In such slots, players cannot choose the payline amount. In case a slot game has 20 paylines, the minimum bet would be: The number of paylines x £0.03 (minimum coin value) = £0.40. On certain fixed payline slots, players can further increase their bets by referring to the “Level” option. That multiplies the player’s total bet by the level they choose.


What Is the Maximum Bet for Slot machines?

A maximum bet refers to the most value a player can bet on a slot game. Lots of advanced slot games have “bet max” options. Other than that, in most progressive slots, players have a winning chance only if they place the maximum bet.

Volatility: Yet another topic that usually attracts polarising opinions among gambling enthusiasts is whether a slot game is more volatile based on how big the progressive jackpot is. With regards to volatility, any player who wants the maximum possible win will have to risk more of their money. The easiest possible way to determine a slot game’s volatility is by checking the jackpot size offered. If a game offers a substantial jackpot and larger winnings, it will most likely pay infrequently. Ultimately, the lower the volatility of a game, the more often it will let players win (with smaller payouts). In such a case, if you come across a slot machine with a good payout as well as a good RTP (return to player) percentage, you can consider making a maximum bet. For instance, if the maximum payout of a slot machine is 1000x your bet, you will end up making £4995 on a £5 bet.

RTP: The Return to Player percentage of a real money slots game refers to how much a player can get from their money bet on a specific slot over a certain time frame. Determining the payback percentage of a game is quite simple. It involves the use of the formula: Total winning amount/Amount wagered. The amount returned to a player is referred to as the net amount they win in a round based on slot games’ pay tables. The amount players wager is the sum of each round’s initial bet over the auditing period of a game (usually one month).

How to Find ‘Loose’ Slots: Most experienced gamblers would know that loose slots offer better payouts. To locate loose slot machines at a land-based casino, you can try looking for machines in areas with high traffic. Besides that, find out the payout percentage of your chosen slot machine, i.e., via the help menu or online (in online casinos). A higher percentage means higher winning chances.

Final Thoughts

As enjoyable as slots games are, there are several strategies to win (and multiply the fun) as well. Different players use different strategies in terms of making bets, based on their preferences to get their winnings. Simply put, those who like smaller, more frequent winnings bet small. Whereas those who like bigger winnings tend to bet big. For those who are merely starting out, it helps to be well-versed in making both minimum and maximum bets. That way, you can learn what your betting preferences and requirements are and start playing your way. Once again, while it is true that slots mainly work on luck, there are certain things you can control.


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