Can You Cheat at Online Slots?

Can You Cheat at Online Slots?

Published Date · July 21, 2022 · Last Updated · July 22, 2022 ·Read Time · 5 mins

Slot Machine Cheating Before Online Casinos

The casino games of Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat have all been the subject of illicit swindles over the years, as have the famous spinning reels of slot machines. For better or worse, slot game cheats have achieved some degree of success in the brick-and-mortar environment via the use of ingenious contraptions such as the “top/bottom joint,” the “monkey paw” device and “light wand”. Cheating at slots in a land-based casino is one thing, but what about online casinos; can they be cheated? Are there ways to circumvent the state-of-the-art digital security prevention and software systems? The simple answer to this is that no, it is not possible to do so – or at least incredibly difficult even for the most talented computer programmer. That difficulty, however, does not mean that certain players won’t attempt to gain an unfair advantage….

Bonus Abuse when Playing Slots Online

Many would argue that our first category isn’t really cheating at all but rather taking advantage of a feature the casinos make widely available to all. In such a competitive environment, any casino must go out of its way to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. As such, players have never had it so good in terms of the number of bonuses available. Whilst these promotions largely achieve their aim of encouraging new sign-ups, some view the offers as no more than a means to generate a quick buck through the use of multiple accounts.

Multiple Account Use

Why have one £1000 matched deposit bonus when you can have as many as you like? Simply create multiple accounts with the same online casino using different names and email addresses, and you can take advantage of the sign-up offer on numerous occasions. Or so the theory goes. There are, however, a couple of major issues with this method. Firstly, it is inherently dishonest and against the spirit of gambling. Secondly, and more significantly, it is extremely unlikely to work.

How Do Casinos Detect Fraudulence? 

Be it via an in-house security system or one provided by a specialised third-party provider; online casinos have the means at their disposal to detect such scammers. From the moment of sign up through to deposit, play at the table and withdrawal, all steps of the customer journey are rigorously tracked. Potential red flags include multiple accounts from the same IP address and deposit methods registered to the same individual or address but used on separate accounts. Many operators will also now request valid IDs before the withdrawal. All told, this is not the foolproof road to riches that some people would have you believe.

Hacking the Provider Server

Whilst the opening of multiple accounts is relatively straightforward, some attempt far more complex scams by hacking into the system. The challenge facing the aspiring online slot hacker is, however, exceedingly complicated. Any hacker will first need to successfully break through the casino site’s complex security system. Having done so, the next step is to either tamper with the Random Number Generator (RNG) used to determine results or find a flaw in the source code of the game. Both tasks are again possible, but so far, there have been no reported instances of this practice taking place at a reputable online casino. Smaller sites with less effective security systems in place may be more vulnerable, which is another good reason to always check the security certificate of a site before signing up.


Betting Bots for Slot Machines

And finally, some attempt to gain an edge over the casino via the use of what are known as “betting bots”. In essence, a betting bot is simply a computer programme that plays the game for you, placing bets according to a pre-set strategy, enabling you to carry out other tasks. Additional advantages include the ability to play a large number of slots simultaneously and adaptable features such as programmable max win and max loss figures. Fans of betting bots suggest that by playing a large number of slots, you are more likely to hit a big jackpot payout. Whilst this is true, a betting bot can in no way overcome the house edge built into every online slot game.

Strategies to Win at Slots

As slots are a purely luck-based game, there is no way to beat the odds and guarantee a win. Nevertheless, there are a couple of methods which may improve your overall return – both of which are perfectly legal but by no means certain to deliver a profit.

Only Play High RTP Slots

Return to player percentage or (RTP) represents the amount of a player’s stake returned as winnings in the long run. A slot with an RTP figure of 95%, for example, will return 95p from every £1 staked as winnings. The RTP figure for all games should be available via the information icon in the game. A figure of 95% is certainly acceptable, but there are many games with an RTP of as high as 98%.

Target Bonuses with Low Turnover Requirements

Not all sign-up bonuses are created equally. The key factor to take into consideration when selecting a bonus is the related wagering requirements. In gambling parlance, the term wagering requirement refers to the amount you must stake before any bonus funds become withdrawable as real cash.

Take a £100 Matched Deposit bonus as an example. Whilst one site may have a 10x bonus amount turnover requirement, meaning you must stake a total of £1000, another may feature a 100x rule, requiring total stakes amounting to £10,000. In the first instance, you could reasonably expect to make a profit; in the second, you almost certainly would not. Always compare the terms and conditions and select those most advantageous to the player.

Cheating at Online Slots: Difficult and Not Worth the Risk

Whilst cheating at online slots may not be entirely impossible – although we are yet to come across any successful efforts – it is highly unlikely to be a profitable venture. Rather than hitting a jackpot payout, the most likely outcome for online cheats is account closure, confiscation of any winnings, and possible criminal prosecution. Ensuring safe, secure, and incorruptible games is in the best interests of individual casinos and the overall gambling industry. All of the best operators invest significant time, energy, and resources into providing such games, and attempting to cheat them is simply a risk not worth taking.


Phoebe Greenwood

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