When Should You Play High Volatility Slots?

When Should You Play High Volatility Slots?

Published Date · Aug. 27, 2019 · Last Updated · July 21, 2022 ·Read Time · 2 mins

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If you play slots, you’ll agree that high volatility slots are without a doubt the most exciting of slots. It is not just the huge winnings, but the adrenaline rush that accompanies this game that makes it awesome.

In slots, the volatility, or sometimes called variance, is the measure of how much and how frequent a slot machine pays. In other words, it measures the risk you take when playing the game and the rewards that await you in case you get the winning combinations.

Based on this definition, we have two types of slots, a high and low volatility slot machines.

Low vs High Volatility Slots

Low volatility slots often pay frequently, but the wins are significantly small. High volatility slots, on the other hand, pay huge wins, but the wins are sporadic and require a lot of patience and commitment to come by. Their hit frequency (frequency of winnings) exceptionally low.

Although unpredictable, high variance slots are the most preferred slots among players for these huge big wins. Whether on a Free Spins or Bonus Game Features, the excitement level hits the roof when a winning combination is obtained. The massive winnings can be life-changing.

Many online casinos also offer a medium volatility slot as a compromise between low and high variance slot machines. The alternative marries both low and high volatility machine features. So, it frequently produces a good number of both low and mid-sized wins.

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What Makes Volatility Variance Important in Slot Machines?

For slot players, volatility is a key component of slots. Together, with other factors, it determines how much you win or lose. So you don’t want to hedge your money on a machine whose volatility you can’t tell.

The best approach is first to play free slots as you keep tabs on your winning or losing frequency.

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Return To Player (RTP) in Casino

You also want to pay attention to the RTP ratio of the slots.

The ratio indicates the percentage of the amount wagered into the slots that are paid back to the players. RTP of 95% means for £100 spent into the slot machine, £95 will be won. So, you want to play at casino slot machines with the highest RTP.

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When to Play High Variance Slots

Nobody wants to lose! Whether the wins are small but more regular, or high yet occasionally, every gambler enjoys when they win.  But if you are a high roller, nothing can hold you back to play a high volatility slot.

Also, when you can win big without risking your hard-earned money, then nothing can stop you from trying your luck. It is impractical to lose your bonus on low variance machines. Enjoy your no deposit bonus on high volatile slots.

If you are looking for the best high volatility online slot machine to horn your skills, then NetEnt’s Dead or Alive is what you should look for.  It is the crown jewel of the slots. It has a hit frequency of over 30% and an RTP of 96.8%.



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