Regular Slots vs Jackpot Slots

Regular Slots vs Jackpot Slots

Published Date · Oct. 1, 2020 · Last Updated · July 21, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

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When it comes to picking a video slot these days we are spoilt for choice, with a myriad of themes and mechanics to choose from. Whether you prefer a more classic slot or you want to see the latest in innovation, you are sure to find what you are after; we have an extensive catalogue of slot reviews for you to look at. In this article, we will look at the two most common types of online slot types; regular and jackpot slots, and see what they are all about.

You will see the terms regular and jackpot slots thrown around as you explore our reviews. In case you weren’t sure exactly what these terms mean and the differences between them, we have made a handy guide to help you understand these types of slots, and you may even find your favourite along the way.

Regular Slots

Regular slots or non-jackpot slots have a maximum payout that will never change. The amount that you can win won’t change, regardless of you how many times you play or how many times you have won.

The amount that you can win on a regular slot game is determined by the amount of money you wager, so it is more down to you to decide how much you want to contribute. For example, If the maximum payout is 100x, no matter how much you wager, whether it be 10p or £1000, you will only ever win 100x your initial stake.

There are plenty of great regular slots to choose from, one of the most popular is Starburst, which is a classic video slot decorated with bright diamonds and is played across five reels. Starburst is an excellent example of a regular slot game, as it features simple and straightforward gameplay and fun graphics.

If you want a more modern slot game, try Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay. Inspired by the 1920/30s style of cinema, this slot is full of excitement. Fascinating graphics and style this game will keep you entertained with what happens during each spin if you like more going on when you play.

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Progressive jackpot slots

While some slots offer small jackpot wins, the ones that you need to look at is the progressive jackpot slots. Progressive jackpot slots are a complete parallel to regular slots, meaning their jackpots are not fixed and can increase in real-time. Every time a bet is made, the jackpot will increase in value as a fraction of every player’s wager is added to the existing jackpot. If the jackpot is then hit, the amount will revert to its base value, and will then start to increase again as more wagers are made.

Progressive jackpots sometimes connect multiple casinos, where the jackpot size is offered by the different casinos within the particular network. Due to the larger amount of people playing the game, the winnings can reach massive amounts into the millions of pounds.

Winnings and Success

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Whilst you can win large amounts of money regardless of the slot type you want to play, it is how these winnings are dished out is what sets them apart. If you prefer a fixed jackpot that you can calculate easily with how much money you are putting into the game, then the regular slot is for you.

If you want to try and win a bigger jackpot, where the big money is, then progressive slots are for you. Something to keep in mind though is that progressive slots tend to be more expensive than regular slots, so choose the slot that fits your budget better. 


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