What is a Progressive Jackpot?

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Published Date · March 11, 2019 · Last Updated · July 21, 2022 ·Read Time · 3 mins

Progressive jackpots are all about giving prizes without players needing to make an extra bet. Instead, all players have to do is make an original bet, and if they’re lucky enough to have a progressive jackpot drop, they’ll win a huge cash prize. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how progressive jackpot slots work, when it is best to play them, and how they can lead you to massive prizes.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work? 

Slots with progressive jackpot games offer money put forward by the casino for the jackpot payout. The casino or the developer will add money to the growing jackpot and pay a winner without any extra bets needing to be made.

Online slot games offer different numbers of progressive jackpot games — you may see up to four in a single game. Many players assume that the jackpot offered has to be partially covered by the player’s bet. However, the casino manages those funds with its cash flow (which is why you can place progressive jackpot bets from as low as 10p or less), giving players a chance to win a huge cash prize.

Are Progressive Jackpots Awarded Randomly?

It depends on the game. Some online slot games require players to land on a specific combination. However, in many cases, the largest jackpots (including the popular mega jackpot) is received completely randomly regardless of the amount you bet on. It’s important to note that it’s always best to check the rules — if you are playing progressive games where a jackpot is awarded when you land a certain combination, it will affect the probability of the game.

This all depends on the software provider that created the game. Playtech and Microgaming are the two developers with the most jackpot games in their repertoire.

This is how randomisation works: online slot games work with a gaming service platform that works with numbers and algorithms. When you press the spin button, the slot game detracts a number from a randomly generated pool. If the numbers match, the huge jackpot is won. Land-based casino progressive slot machines that offer biggest jackpots work in a similar way.

Different Types of Progressive Jackpots:

A progressive slot game may have only one jackpot type, but there are actually three common jackpot types available to players.

  • Autonomous progressive jackpots: these are the initial progressive jackpots, which were not hosted by several interconnected machines but only one. In reality, this type of progressive jackpot is fed by a percentage of each bet placed by all the different players playing one particular machine. This way, the jackpot is getting bigger and bigger with the bets accumulating, until a player wins it.
  • Local or internal progressive jackpots: these are jackpots that are hosted by several interconnected machines belonging to the same casino. The idea is the same but the jackpot is multiplied and grows bigger faster insofar as there are proportionally more bets taken into account.
  • Multi-sites progressive jackpots: Those progressive jackpots are supplied by diverse games in several interconnected casinos, which multiply the bets and therefore the jackpot balance.

Best Times to Play Progressive Jackpots

The truth is, due to the mentioned randomisation, there is no hidden formula that will guarantee a progressive jackpot win. Therefore, it’s impossible to predict the best times to play progressive jackpots.

However, it is often assumed that more people play online slots in the evening, affecting the jackpot trigger (there is no guarantee to this theory). Therefore, progressive jackpot slot games will also state a countdown until the drop to indicate whether or not the latest jackpot has been won.

Certain games offer daily jackpots while for others, it may take a while before you see the familiar ‘must drop today’ callout. In some cases, the jackpot increases with every bet, and with others it remains fixed.

Important to remember: just like with regular slot games, you should take house edge into consideration when playing progressive games.

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth It?

Progressive jackpots add more entertainment to slot games as you never know when the jackpot can drop and leave you with a large winning. They are an excellent addition to the online casino games available and shouldn’t be overlooked.

However, just like classic slot games, it’s impossible to strategise winning a progressive jackpot. Players should therefore ensure they gamble responsibly and play in moderation. Always remember: when the fun stops, stop.



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