Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

Published Date · Sept. 20, 2022 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 4 mins

What is Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy?

Oscar’s Grind is a progressive betting system originally created for the intended use of making small and consistent profits while playing craps. Like most progressive betting systems, Oscar’s Grind can be adapted for all popular table games, including blackjack.

The strategy first appeared in “The Casino Gambler’s Guide” by Allan Wilson, where its creation was credited to a gambler simply known as Oscar. It breaks up an entire session of gambling into a series of betting cycles. It then uses a grinder mentality to achieve at least one unit of profit per cycle.

Find out more in this guide to Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Betting System.

Is it Possible to Use Oscar’s Method to Play Blackjack?

Yes, while it was originally created for craps, the Oscar approach is perfectly set up to work for a game like blackjack that has quick, regular rounds. This makes it a perfect betting system for newcomers to blackjack or even to betting systems in general.

How to Play Blackjack Using Oscar’s Grind Strategy?

When using Oscar’s Grind Blackjack System, one unit of bet is the minimum allowed at the table, and like most blackjack betting strategies, it starts with you staking a one-unit bet.

Next, as a player, you need to decide at what point in your bankroll you want to walk away. That could be because you’ve made as much profit as you wanted or because you reached a minimum point in your bankroll.

Setting this limit will encourage you to stop when you’ve made enough money and stop you from chasing your losses for too long. Either way, once you have set your limits and decided on a bet unit, you are ready to use Oscar’s Blackjack Betting Strategy.

  1. Start by making a one-unit bet – the minimum bet.
  2. If the first hand loses, make a one-unit bet for the following hand.
  3. Continue like this until you achieve a winning hand.
  4. After winning a hand, increase your bet by one unit.
  5. Continue increasing your bet after each win until you achieve one unit profit.
  6. If a loss occurs before making the one unit profit, use the same unit of bets on the next hand as the previous losing one.
  7. After making a profit of one unit, bank your profits and start the cycle again by betting one unit.

Does Oscar’s Grind Strategy Work for Blackjack?

Using Oscar’s System for Blackjack does translate well from craps, especially thanks to the simple payout formulas and routine of play associated with both games. This system is advantageous for preserving your budget and will allow you to play for longer.

This could also be seen as a drawback as the system requires you to endure long gambling sessions to draw any value from Oscar’s Blackjack Betting System. It concentrates on building up a healthy overall profit by making small one unit wins out of smaller cycles of betting.

Therefore, you’ll need to play through several cycles to make any meaningful profit, which is inherent in the system’s ability to protect your bankroll. Like most progressive betting systems, this one is set up to maximise profits from winning streaks, but if employed incorrectly, it could inadvertently maximise losses too.

Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Strategy

Is Oscar’s System Allowed/Legal to use in Casinos?

It absolutely is. Fundamentally a bankroll strategy, whether you use Oscar’s Strategy for blackjack or any other casino game, there aren’t any casinos that will object. Well-within the realms of fair play, there is no reason for them to do so. Similarly, there are no laws against using it either.

What are the Best Casinos to Test the Blackjack Oscar’s Betting System?

Another great benefit of the Blackjack Oscar’s strategy is that it can easily be applied to online games of blackjack and not just those taking place in brick-and-mortar casinos.

There are plenty of options to play blackjack for free online. These games give you a chance to rehearse and practice the system, but if you are eager to dive in, then you can find real money blackjack games at every online casino.

What Next?

Oscar’s betting strategy is great for longer gambling sessions, but for a few quick hands at the table, it might not be your best option. The system looks to break up blackjack gaming sessions into smaller cycles, so it is tailor-made for longer nights at the green felt.

We highly recommend that you use maximum and minimum limits when adopting Oscar’s Betting System for blackjack. This will discourage chasing your losses and spending too long at the table.

As far as progressive betting systems go, with good self-control, this one protects your bankroll but at the same time doesn’t go chasing huge wins.


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