Positive Progression Blackjack Strategy

Positive Progression Blackjack Strategy

Published Date · Sept. 16, 2022 · Last Updated · March 13, 2024 ·Read Time · 3 mins

What is Positive Progression Betting Strategy?

Positive Progression is an umbrella term for types of betting strategies that involve players increasing their bets when they’re winning and decreasing them if they are losing. Some positive progression systems recommend doubling your stake to increase but this doesn’t always have to be the case. A Positive Progression bet strategy can apply to a wide range of different casino games, including roulette and baccarat. Here we are concerned with Positive Progression System at Blackjack. There are several forms of positive progression betting systems that apply to Blackjack, including the Paroli system, the Parlay system, or the 1-3-2-6.

Is it Possible to Use the Positive Progression Method to Play Blackjack?

Yes, positive progression is an umbrella term, and there are positive progression methods for almost all casino table games. Many can be applied to Blackjack but they tend to follow a basic practice that can be illustrated with the Parlay positive progression blackjack betting system, which asks you to double your stake after every win. Any Blackjack positive progression system should be used in conduction with a basic blackjack strategy that recommends exactly when to hit or stand. Players need to start by deciding a budget, a bet unit amount, and a win limit. If you have £20, your bet units should be smaller and perhaps start at £1 or £0.50 but aim to walk away after five consecutive wins. Those with larger budgets can use larger units and potentially bet for longer.

For this example, one bet unit will be £1 and three wins.

  1. Stake one bet unit on your first hand. For example, bet £1 on the first hand
  2. If you win the first hand, stake £2 on the next hand.
  3. If the second hand loses, stake £1 on the next hand which will be the first in a new sequence. If the second-hand wins, bet £4 on the following one.
  4. If the third hand wins you are at the end of your sequence and can walk away from the table or start a new one.

Another Blackjack Positive Progression strategy is the Paroli method. This works much in the same way except after the first hand your stake includes all of your profits too. This means after winning £2 from your first hand with a £1 stake, your next bet is £4 (Two bet units + £2 profit). This method works by assuming that it is fairly common to win three hands in a row but gets increasingly harder after the fact, therefore, this method is recommended in batches of three.

There is a positive progression betting system specific to Blackjack known as the 1-3-2-6 system. You can read a detailed guide on this system by following the link. It is similar to the Parlay and Paroli methods but operates with a built-in assumption that you will lose your third hand and looks to take advantage of this by dropping the stake.

Does Positive Progression Strategy Work for Blackjack?

The positive progression blackjack betting strategy is not completely watertight and does nothing to reduce the house edge but can be a good method for managing your money while playing Blackjack. The systems are easy to understand and simple to apply, plus they can be used by any gambler, no matter their budget size. Positive Progression blackjack betting is also beneficial because it encourages short bursts of gambling rather than other strategies that look to benefit from long drawn-out games. These systems are set up to help players benefit from perceived winning streaks, but when used incorrectly, they can just as easily augment losses too.

Positive Progression Blackjack Strategy

Is the Positive Progression System Allowed/Legal in Casinos?

Positive Progression betting strategies are allowed at brick-and-mortar and online casinos. The practice of using betting systems is not illegal and is not banned anywhere. Generally, casinos allow players to use any betting system they might have found or thought up themselves while playing games at their casino. This is because they don’t tend to affect the house edge, and in the long run casinos will still benefit. You should be more concerned with how it will affect your bankroll than whether or not it is legal.

What Next?

Positive progression strategies can be used on plenty of casino games. Positive Progression Blackjack Strategy uses the fundamentals of general positive progression systems to create strategies for playing various forms of Blackjack. They are built around taking advantage of winning streaks by increasing the bet to maximise profits from those short bursts.


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