Brazil Bomba Slot

Brazil Bomba Slot
Published Date · Oct. 9, 2020 · Last Updated · Jan. 24, 2024
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Brazil Bomba Slot Review

Brazil Bomba Slot Overview

Brazil Bomba online slot is an innovative and exciting online slot game developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. The game is centred around the iconic Rio de Janeiro carnival, which is often cited as being the biggest show on earth. The game is the first grid-based slot to be developed by the company.

While Brazil Bomba may not live up to the carnival and deliver the biggest and most extravagant slot on earth, it does give it a damn good shot. The game is packed full of special features and is a visual delight. As with all Yggdrasil Gaming offerings, the animations and graphics here are second to none and the range of features, as well as a generous RTP, should be more than enough to keep you coming back for more.

Graphics & Theme

The game brings all of the flavour and excitement of the Rio de Janeiro carnival and brings it to your desktops and mobile devices. The game has eight reels and six weeks and is set to a magnificent backdrop of the city of Rio at night time. The game is bathed in a purple glow and the Brazilian mountains, as well as Rio’s iconic beach, are both visible in the background.

To the left of the carnival’s reels, there is a beautiful Brazilian carnival dancer. She is dressed in all gold, which matches the gold that borders the reels on the game. She doesn’t just stand idly by when you are spinning the reels either; she will often come to life whenever you manage to secure a big win or during bonus rounds.

Like all Yggdrasil Gaming, this title is incredibly well animated and the attention to detail immerses you in the game’s world.

The soundtrack is also particularly lively and helps get you in the swing of things. The game’s sound effects are also suitably upbeat and infectious.

Brazil Bomba Slot Details


Cluster pays









1,000 x

Software Provider

Yggdrasil Gaming



Design and Layout

Scatter Symbols Slots, 6 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Free Spins

Yggdrasil Gaming is always capable of producing excellent online slot games, and this is yet another example of that. The game is one of the most innovative and enjoyable offerings from the developers in recent times, and fans of grid-based online slot games are going to have a whale of a time with this one.


How To Play Brazil Bomba Slot

Getting to grip with Brazil Bomba is very easy. The game has a simple layout and is very easy to use. The first thing players will need to do is to select their coin size and their stake for each spin. Once they have done this, they can hit the spin button and see what the game has in store.

The game does not have a standard rows and reels set-up, instead, taking place inside a grid with 48 spots. The symbols that fill these are multi-coloured shapes. You can check the value of these any time during the game by using the slot’s paytable.

Brazil Bomba Slot Features

The most notable gameplay feature here is the clusters mechanic. The game is set inside a grid, and it pays out when players manage to score a cluster. To make a cluster, winnings symbols can touch horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game does also allow for one symbol to fill all 48 spaces, which can lead to some huge wins.

The game’s titular bomb also makes an appearance. The bomb symbol can land anywhere on the reels, and when it activates, it explodes, allowing new symbols to fall onto the reels. The game also utilises a dropdown feature whenever players manage to score a win.

This dropdown feature ties in perfectly with the multiplier. Whenever a dropdown win occurs, or a bomb explodes, the multiplier will increase by +1 every time. This multiplier is activated whenever the bomb goes off, or players score a win with the dropdown mechanic.

The game also has a free spins round which is activated by landing the scatter symbol in the game. When you land either three or more of these, you can earn yourself up to six free spins.

As we’ve mentioned already, the Brazilain dancer at the side of the screen isn’t just there to look pretty. She will come to life at various points throughout the game when you manage to score these special features.

Play Brazil Bomba Demo for Free

Demos unveil the brilliance of online slot games, empowering you to select top-notch options for real-money gaming. Play the demo for Brazil Bomba slot here!

Brazil Bomba Slot on Mobile

Brazil Bomba has been perfectly adapted for use on mobile devices. This includes mobile phones and tablets. The game plays the same, so it is advised to play the game in landscape mode to get the full experience. The game will work on most mobile browsers and is supported by both iOS and Android operating systems.

Brazil Bomba


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