6-Reel Online Slots

Best slot games with 6 reels

6 Reel Slot games are a variation of 5 reel slots. The additional reel on the slot has led to new slot games and game mechanics. Find out how and where you can play them!

New 6 Reel Slot Machines

How does a six-reel slot machine work?

The main elements of a six-reel slot game functionality are as per any other slot game. You spin game reels and await the outcome of the spin. No change there. Where it does differ is the number of pay lines and payouts. With an extra reel, you have additional symbols in play, meaning if you hit a good spin with 5 or 6 of a kind and wild or two, the payout will be significant.

The launch of 6 reel games is in its early stages, which has meant many new slot games and features. One of the top choices for six reel slot players is the fantastic mechanic, Megaways. Megaways is a relatively new game mechanic in the online slot world, and it is a welcome addition as it gives players what feels like an infinite amount of ways to win.

Return To Player and Paylines will all differ per 6 reel slot, so it's recommended to always check that on CasinoRange slot reviews or via the game itself.