Dam Beavers Slot

Dam Beavers Slot
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Published Date · Dec. 14, 2023 · Last Updated · Feb. 22, 2024
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Dam Beavers Slot Review

Dam Beavers Slot Overview

Ever wondered what it looks like inside a Beaver’s Dam? Wonder no more, as ELK Studios take you deep inside what turns out to be a surprisingly cosy and multi-levelled abode. Should you decide to take a peek behind these walls, you will find a truly distinctive gaming experience. Far from being a single-story flat, this Dam contains a multi-level world, just waiting to be explored. You begin on the top floor grid, but the scampering feet of the furry ones combine to send you crashing down to newly revealed levels - and ever-increasing grid sizes. Throw in a whole host of modifiers and upgrades and a rewarding Free Drops Bonus Round, and once you venture inside, you may never want to leave. Make it all the way to the bottom level, and you may discover a 10,000x max win lurking in the depths!

Dam Beavers Slot Details


Cluster Collect Pays









10,000 x

Software Provider

ELK Studios



Design and Layout

5 Reel Slots


Bonus Round, Free Spins, Scatter Symbols Slots

Wow! Sometimes a slot comes along and blows you away when you least expect it, and these charming little critters combine to create an instant classic. The audio and visuals are of the highest order and fully realise the brilliant cartoonish and amusing theme. Overflowing with character, this Dam is positively bursting at the seams with features. The base game is so good – with those collapsing floors, tunnelling, disco-dancing Beavers, and a raft of modifiers – that you almost don’t need a Bonus Round. Nevertheless, the retriggering Free Drops feature succeeds in creating fruit-collecting, floor-collapsing, modifier-exploding chaos. If it wasn’t for the below-par RTP, this would be just about perfect. Dam-tastic!


Free Drops Bonus Round

Tons of Features

Upgrading Symbol Values


Below Average RTP

High Volatility

How To Play Dam Beavers Slot

dam beavers base
Base game
dam beavers winning combination
Winning combination
Min Bet
Max Bet
Max Win (x stake)




Dam Beavers Basic Rules

  • The game begins on the 5x5 grid of the Beaver’s sitting room
  • The slot utilises the unusual CollectR pay system
  • On each spin, your cast of Red, Blue, Orange, and Green Beavers will land in random positions, with the remaining spots filled by Fruit or Special symbols. Each Beaver will collect any Fruit Symbol matching the colour of their outfit - if they can reach it by moving horizontally or vertically.
  • Red Beaver collects Strawberries
  • Green Beaver collects Gooseberries
  • Orange Beaver collects Apricots
  • Blue Beaver collects Blueberries

Dam Beavers Slot Paytable & Symbols

Here's a guide to all the symbols and payouts on offer in Dam Beavers:

8 Symbols
dam beavers blueberry
dam beavers grape
dam beavers orange
dam beavers strawberry

Dam Beavers Slot Features

“W” Wilds

Substitute for all Fruit Symbols and may be collected by any Beaver.

Cascading Reels

Once the Beavers have finished collecting all the Fruit they can, the remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the reels, with new icons falling in to fill the gaps. This process repeats for every collection win.

Level System

Whenever a Beaver moves across a Square on the grid, the underlying floorboard for that position is removed. If you remove all floorboards in a spin sequence, the game will move down to the next level of the Beaver mansion. Each level features an increasing grid size as follows:

  • Level 1: 5x5
  • Level 2: 6x6
  • Level 3: 7x7
  • Level 4: 8x8

Each time you move down a level, all Fruit symbol payouts jump to the next Payout Level.

On Level 4, the floorboards have already been removed from the four corner positions and their adjacent squares. Clear all remaining positions, and you will be celebrating a 10,000x max win!

Beaver Night Fever

The floor-removing fun doesn’t stop there, as each time you clear a level, the Beaver Night Fever feature will kick in. As the name suggests, this Mini Bonus Game sees our toothy chums don their finest white suits for a spot of disco action. The grid transforms into a neon-lit dancefloor, with upgraded Symbols falling in to fill all positions:

  • After Level 1, Fruit Symbols take on Level 5 values
  • After Level 2, Fruit Symbols take on Level 6 values
  • After Level 3, Fruit Symbols take on Level 7 values

Beaver collection wins continue as normal until no further symbols can be collected. Play then moves to the new unlocked Level, with all symbols taking on their pre-Beaver Night Fever values.

Feature Meter

You will notice a Feature Meter above the reels. This Meter fills up as those good old Beavers go about their voracious fruit collecting. When the Meter is full, you will win one of the three boosts:

  • Wild Scatter: Replaces a random number of symbols with Wilds
  • Refresh: Replaces all symbols with new symbols
  • Symbol Swap: Two random symbol types swap places, e.g., all Strawberries swap places with all Gooseberries

When full, the Feature Meter will start refilling again, meaning you may land all three Boosts in the same spin sequence. Collected Boosts trigger in turn once the Beaver Fruit collection stops.

Special Symbols

Beavers will collect any Special Symbols they can reach and trigger their effects. Three types of Special Symbol may appear on the reels:

  • Firework: When collected by a Beaver, it will upgrade all that Beaver's Fruit symbols to the next Payout Level
  • TNT: Creates underground explosions to remove a surrounding selection of floorboards
  • Blender: Instantly fills the Feature Meter
  • Three further Special Symbols lie beneath disappearing floorboards:
  • Coins: Contain Instant Win Prizes expressed as a multiplier of the total bet. Coins are between 2x2 and 8x8 in size and must be revealed completely to award their prize
  • Passages: Allows a Beaver to move under the grid to another position or swap places with another Beaver
  • Breaking Points: When fully revealed, these 2x2 icons will cause the floor to break and move you to the next level

Dam Beavers Slot Bonus Features

dam beavers free spins unlocked
Free spins unlocked
dam beavers free spins bonus
Free Spins Bonus
dam beavers beaver night fever unlocked
Beaver Nigh Fever feature unlocked
dam beavers beaver night fever
Beaver Night Fever in action

Free Spins Bonus

Cherry Pies act as the Scatters of the game. Collect three in a single spin sequence to earn five Free Drops to take into the bonus round. Pick up another three Pies during the feature to bag five more Free Drops.

Free Drops begin on the current active Floor Level but, unlike in the base game, Level Progress, the Feature Meter, Symbol Payout Levels, and additional Bonus Symbols do not reset between drops.

X-Iter Buy Options

For those looking to immediately up the ante in this feature frenzy of a slot, the following X-Iter Buy options are available in eligible jurisdictions (not available to UK Players).

  • Bonus Hunt, Price - 3x: One Drop with one Bonus symbol already collected and at least a 4x higher chance of triggering the feature
  • Eager Beaver, Price – 10x: One Drop at Level 2, with all Fruit symbols at Pay Level 2
  • Dambuster, Price – 25x: One Drop at Level 3, with all Fruit symbols at Pay Level 3
  • Bonus, Price – 100x: Triggers the standard bonus round
  • Super Bonus, Price – 500x: Triggers a bonus round beginning at Level 3, with all Fruit symbols at Pay Level 3.

Our Verdict There’s so much going on in the base game that it must have been tough for ELK Studios to increase the excitement in the feature. However, they have pulled it off, with the sticky Payout Levels, Level Progress, and Feature Meter ratcheting up the win potential.

Play Dam Beavers Demo for Free

For those who prefer to play for free first, try out the Dam Beavers slot demo in free play! Embark on free play demo-exclusive adventures with online slot demos, where players can enjoy features not offered in real-money play. When you play for free you can take your time to learn how the game works, preparing you for real-money gaming as best as possible.

Dam Beavers Slot RTP & Volatility

Variable RTP

The fixed Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 94% falls below the industry average RTP of 96%.

Those Dam Beavers will take you on a high volatility slots ride. Games of this rating present a rollercoaster experience but provide a better chance of hitting a big win in a short session than low-medium volatility releases.

Our Verdict With 96% being the benchmark, the RTP of 94% has to go down as slightly disappointing. Combining Beavers with Fireworks and TNT sounds like a hairy experience to us, and the high volatility feels about right for the style of game and solid win potential.

Dam Beavers Slot Graphics & Audio


The woody Dam interior boasts bags of character, with each level having a distinctive feel – from a cosy lounge to a gleaming treasure trove – and not forgetting the dancefloor delight of Beaver Night Fever. The brightly-hued fruits pop nicely against the various floorboards, but the cast of four amusingly attired and hilariously animated Beavers steal the show.

Dam Beavers (ELK Studios) 2
Base game spins
Dam Beavers (ELK Studios) 1
Wins in the base game
Dam Beavers (ELK Studios) 4
Free spin winnings


A jangling banjo drives the soundtrack, accompanied by the sounds of nature – water flows and splashes, birds chirp, twigs rustle, and those Beaver's teeth chomp away. It all creates a soothingly relaxing vibe, and we loved the changes in the ambient noise between each level. The reel sounds are similarly excellent, with each Beaver announcing himself with a unique squeak and all Special Symbols coming with an ear-grabbing effect.

Our Verdict A simply wonderful presentation all around, from the high-quality graphics, jam-packed with charm, to the jauntily cheery soundtrack. It’s all bags of fun.

Dam Beavers Slot on Mobile

ELK Studios has ensured that the multilayered madness is available to desktop players and mobile slot fans. Dam Beavers is fully optimised for Android, iOS, and Windows-powered small-screen devices.

Dam Beavers

Dam Beavers FAQs

How much money can I win playing Dam Beavers slot?

The slot pays out up to 10,000x your stake.

Can I play Dam Beavers slot on mobile?

Yes - the slot is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

What is the RTP for Dam Beavers slot?


Who developed Dam Beavers slot?

The slot was developed by ELK Studios.


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